Arjun Kapoor Swears By These Turkish Eggs For Breakfast
Image Credit: Arjun Kapoor/Instagram, Turkish eggs for breakfast

For Arjun Kapoor, life is all about movies and food. While working out is definitely a part of his day, what he looks forward to the most is food that he rewards himself with right after. However, to keep him in check, Akshay makes sure that he doesn’t cheat that often on his diet and follows a clean eating pattern on most days. 

In order to keep himself going through the day, he enjoys eggs for breakfast. Recently, he shared a picture of his favourite style of eggs on his Instagram story and we are just drooling over them since then. He posted a picture of a plate of half-eaten creamy Turkish eggs in a bowl. The dish looked amazing and he wrote on it, “Turkish eggs for the win @akshayarora3”. 

For the unversed, these Turkish eggs, also known as Cilbir, are a combination of poached eggs made with garlicky Greek yoghurt flavoured with dill and other herbs. It is said that these eggs originated in the 15th century during the Ottoman empire and it was in lieu to impress the Sultan with innovative dishes each day that the cooks devised these creamy poached eggs called cilbir. 

The idea was to cover the eggs in a creamy, yoghurt-based sauce and pair them with lavaash or any other type of bread. And it isn’t the first time that he’s having a yummy treat. This one time, he was having a plateful of pizza and said that it was healthy. It was full of green leaves and meat.