Are You Munching The Right Popcorns?
Image Credit: Popcorns, Image Source: Pexels

Munching a big tub of popcorn while watching a movie in the theatre is a habit, we all have. But why not carry this habit home, especially when you are hungry? Do you know popcorns are one of the healthiest snacks ever? Here are a few interesting facts about these tiny bits of snacks.

Polyphenols are a type of chemical commonly present in plant foods and aid in neutralising free radicals that damage cells leading to rapid ageing. Popcorn contains one of the highest amounts of polyphenols. In this regard, it beats many plants, including the majority of fruits. Thanks to the presence of polyphenols in them, popcorns are a healthy snacking option

Here are a few essential rules to follow, to get the maximum benefits of these easy snacks!

Stay away from synthetic

Remember not to buy or gorge on synthetic or microwavable ones. Likewise, stay away from the popcorn in snack bags packaged explicitly for lunch boxes. These varieties are loaded with all kinds of chemicals and synthetics for flavouring and colouring purposes.

Use organic corn kernels

Corn kernels, Image Source: Pexels

So, the next question is, what is the safest form? Going the traditional way to make popcorn is the healthiest way. Just make them on the stovetop or with a popcorn maker. Get yourself a bag of organic kernels from the farmers' market. They are very affordable too. 

Be careful about oil

The oil or butter that you use in popcorn making does matter. Instead of using any random pick, go with expeller-pressed coconut oil or clarified butter. These two are the best options.

A bowl of popcorns, Image Source: Pexels

Use high-quality sea salt

You won't like to have your popcorn with a bland taste. Thus, just after popping the popcorn, sprinkle with a good quality sea salt to season it. It will taste delicious. Alternately, to give popcorns a boost of B vitamins, you can season them with nutritional yeast.

Don't overeat

Remember that, although homemade popcorn is a good and healthy snack, don't overeat it. Corn not soaked or sprouted before cooking has anti-nutrients; when eaten in excess, it can inflame digestion. 

Apart from picking the right popcorn, mindful munching also helps you to enjoy this appetising snacks.