How To Make Popcorn: Avoid These Mistakes To Make The Perfect Popcorn

Popcorn are great when you looking for that mindless numch. Be it as a healthy snack or as your partner for a movie night, the humble popcorn has always made its way to our kitchens. The bite-sized snack has been our all-time favourite. Healthy, delicious, easy to make and absolutely labor saving, popcorns are the perfect snacks that are fit for most occasions.

Although making popcorn at home seems quite easy, it comes with a lot of minute details to be kept in mind. From burnt bottom to undercooked kernels, we know the real struggles of making popcorn on the stovetop. So, if you are struggling with making popcorn too, then here are some mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Store The Kernels Properly

If there’s anything worse than burnt, chewy or unevenly cooked popcorn, then it’s popcorn that doesn’t pop at all? Store the kernels in an air-tight container or keep them in a sealed bag to ensure that moisture is retained.

2. Heat The Pan Right

Make sure you heat the pan before adding the kernels to it. Keep the flame high when adding the kernels and reduce the heat gradually to ensure even cooking once you have added the kernels.

3. Too Many Kernels In A Pan

Adding too many kernels in a single pan can lead to the burning up of the popcorn kernels at the bottom and partially cooked or raw kernels on the top. Use a wide pan and add as many kernels as required.

4. Shake It Right

Unevenly cooked popcorn is one of the most heard complaints from popcorn aficionados. While some kernels end up burning at the bottom, others don’t pop at all. To get evenly cooked popcorn, make sure you shake the pan while cooking the popcorn.

5. Use The Right Oil

Using oils with a high heating point plays an important role in making popcorns. Oils/butter with a low heating point can burn the popcorn as the kernels pop only when the heat is high. Most of us love the flavour of butter in our popcorns and it is fair to add butter after taking it out of the pan. It is always advised to use oils with a high heating point like sunflower, canola or grapeseed oil.