5 Creative Ways To Spruce Up Your Bowl Of Crispy Popcorn
Image Credit: Source: Pixabay

No matter what you are doing - watching a movie, pulling off an all-night study session or just indulging in mindless snacking - popcorn has always come in handy. The crunchy, light and delicious snack is enough to power you up through any situation and leave you asking for another serving. What draws us more towards popcorn are the facts that they are quick, easy to make, light and delicious. I mean, can we even miss out on something that is so irresistible? Today, we bring you some creative hacks to spruce up your popcorn bowl. Follow these to convert these simple and crunchy kernels into a gourmet snack.

1. Sweeten It Up

Enjoy a pop of flavour with a sweet and savoury popcorn bowl. Add a generous sprinkling of sugar on your salty popcorn bowl and relish.

2. Melt On Some Butter

Transform your simple bowl of popcorn into buttery goodness by adding a block of butter over it. You can also make some herb butter and freeze it to add it at the end for a flavourful snack.

3. Add Some Mix-Ins

Have you ever thought of mixing two of your favourite snacks? You can definitely try adding some gems or M&Ms to a bowl of popcorn and spruce it up. Not only they will add a pop of colour but also make a simple bowl of popcorn more filling.

4. Transform Into A Dessert

Ever thought of transforming a savoury snack into a dessert? Well, you can definitely give it a try with popcorn. Make some sweet popcorn and caramel balls or drizzle some gooey chocolate sauce over them to make a hearty and decadent dessert.

5. Say Cheese

A generous sprinkle of cheese can jazz up numerous savoury dishes within seconds. And adding grated cheese to popcorn can surely revamp it to another level altogether. Grate some parmesan or mozzarella cheese over your popcorn bowl along with some seasonings to make it more interesting and drool-worthy.