Ananya Panday's Sweet Twist: Favourite Vegetable in a Dessert
Image Credit: Ananya Panday/Instagram, The actor is a big-time foodie.

This Sunday, she revealed her favourite vegetable of the season, which happens to be carrots. She posted a picture of the same on her Instagram stories, where she was relishing a plate full of gajar ka halwa. It is a popular Indian winter dessert made with grated carrots, stirred continuously with mawa or khoya and sugar. Drenched in nuts and dried fruits, this is a rich and decadent dessert for the season.

Moreover, Ananya wrote on the picture, "I heart emoji u carrot emoji," and this made us realise how much she loves this vegetable. For the uninitiated, carrots are largely a winter-special veggie that is loaded with lots of nutrients. They are rich in vitamin A, which is good for the eyes. Eating carrots lowers the chances of developing cataracts and other sight-related problems.

Source: Screengrab of Instagram stories/Ananya Panday

You can include carrots in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals too. It is not just a part of a salad; carrots can be added to your pulao or made into a sabzi too. You will find the fresh, juicy carrots being dunked in a blender to squeeze a glass of fresh juice. And you can make desserts like carrot cake, blondie bars, carrot and oatmeal cookies, gajar ka halwa, and more.