Ananya Panday Bakes Cookies For The First Time; Check Out
Image Credit: Image Credit: Ananya Panday/ Instagram and Pixabay

Celebrities are known for their films, fashion statements, and luxury lifestyle that they lead, but a few are known for their culinary skills too. Actors like Shilpa Shetty and Malaika Arora are popular not only for their fitness but also for how skilled they are in the kitchen. Joining the list of celebs who can cook is Ananya Panday. 

Image Credit: Ananya Panda And Bhavana Pandey/ Instagram

The Kho Gaye Hum Kahan actor recently took to Instagram to share her recent accomplishment of baking cookies. She shared an image of three perfectly baked chocolate cookies and captioned it, “My first attempt at baking, I’m quite proud.”

Video Credit: Your Food Lab/ YouTube

What the world did not know was that Ananya Panday’s sister Rysa is also an expert in baking. Sharing an image of Ananya’s cookies, Bhavana Pandey took to her Instagram and told her younger daughter that she should brace up for serious competition. Looks like Ananya Panday is on a spree to add another feather to her cap.

During the lockdown, Ananya Panday shared a few pictures enjoying a baking session with her sister Rysa. She initially said, “We baked cookies.” Later, the actor clarified that while her sister baked the cookies, she just danced around the kitchen and ate chocolate chips.

What Does Ananya Panday Like To Eat?

Though the actor is a fitness enthusiast, she is a foodie too. On her cheat days, she is like any other person gorging on her favourite meals that include a few junk food items as well. In an old interview with a well-known media outlet, the actor shared that her go-to snack is KFC’s chicken popcorn.

She was asked about a delicacy that she could eat throughout her life, and it was butter chicken, a creamy Mughali delicacy famous in India and around the world. She added that she could eat it at any time of the day.

But as someone who prioritises her fitness, Ananya Panday prefers to start her mornings with avocado toast, eggs, and coffee. She probably cooked chocolate chip cookies because they are a part of her favourite cheat meal picks. Apart from cookies, she loves to relish chocolate chip pancakes, cheesy naan, burgers, hot chocolate, and pizza. In past interviews, the actor has admitted that she cannot cook, but she can make maggi. However, after baking cookies, she would proudly say that she is becoming a baker.