Shilpa Shetty Promotes Fitness With Chakki On Trip To Rajasthan

Shilpa Shetty’s love for holistic wellness and traditional food practices have been well-known. The actress, who swears by yoga for her everyday workout, was recently seen engaging herself in the task of grinding flour using the old-school stone grinder or chakki, on a recent trip to Rajasthan. Sharing a video of her experience, Shilpa is seen sitting with her legs enveloping both sides of the grinder, as she moved her arms in a rotational motion to operate the hand-grinding machine. Dressed in a black turtleneck and sneakers, she seemed to be enjoying herself, while jokingly mentioning that the activity was enough physical activity to digest the makki rotis she was planning on eating afterwards.

In her caption for the video, Shilpa also shared an interesting connection between stone-grinding flour and yoga. She says, “During my recent visit to Rajasthan, when I saw a chakki, I knew I had to do it. And, oh my God! What a workout! No wonder the Chakki Chalasana strengthens the arms, improves digestion, stimulates the reproductive organs, and increases the flexibility of the back & hamstring muscles. (Going back to your roots and working the actual chakki also gives you immense respect for the people who do it regularly). Make sure to avoid practising this asana if you have back pain, suffer from slip-disc, and during pregnancy.”

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The timeless tradition of chakki grinding, which involves breaking down whole grain between two circular stones, is an ancient method by which flour was produced in India. Also used to dehull various types of pulses and foodgrains, the flour produced by the chakki is said to possess higher nutritional value than machine-ground flour. These mini flour mills were a common feature in homes where flour was freshly ground to make rotis and parathas for meals, while also promoting women’s health across many aspects.