Nikita Dutta Indulges In Makke Di Roti In Hometown Delhi

Nikita Dutta is spending some time in her home city Delhi and indulging in some ghar ka khana. The actor shared some snippets of her plate of homemade Makke Di Roti and Maacholiyan di dal, the latter being a staple punjabi recipe made from a combination of two kinds of lentils, chana Dal and split black urad dal. Since it blends two different kind of lentils, the dal has a unique textyre; it’s served in gurdwaras across northern India and it’s also more palatable than dal fry.

Dutta who’ll soon be seen in Harshvardhan Rane and Ehan Bhat starrer film, Dange, seems to be enjoying Delhi’s cool weather as she shared a bird’s eye view of Delhi along with the temperature; she also shared a poll over Mumbai vs Delhi jalebi and asked the Internet foodies their views on them.

Despite being a foodie, Nikita is committed to fitness and wellness and has often talked about her preference for eating seasonal and local ingredients. “I do not follow any diet plan. I have been following the three simple rules — eating seasonal, avoiding packaged food and eating at regular times.” she had said in an interview. 

The Kabir Singh star just ran more than 21 kms in a recent Mumbai marathon and won a medal too. Nikita took to social media to share her love for running and talk about her journey as a runner. 

“I had picked up running a decade ago to get some extra cardio in my routine. And with time it feels like a part of my system. It makes me happy, alive and free. Running a marathon is like constantly checking how fit I am. There is no cheat code or short cut! And the best thing about running this marathon is the city’s spirit that keeps you going,” she wrote on Instagram.