Aloo Bukhara In Season: 10 Benefits Of Adding Plums To Your Diet
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Come monsoon and the stone fruit season in India returns with a whole bag of sweet and sour flavours! Among these stone fruits that are harvested during monsoon is Aloo Bukhara. Known as Indian plums or simply plums, this stone fruit has a round or oval shape, smooth magenta or purple skin, and a sweet and tart flavour. Usually enjoyed as a fruit in salads, chaat and even some chutneys and jams, aloo bukhara is a favourite among Indians as a monsoon fruit. 

The plum season in India actually starts in late spring, around May, but the ripest of aloo bukharas usually hit the market in August-September. Cultivated across states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, aloo bukhara is not just a delicious fruit with culinary applications but also one that has plenty of health benefits to provide. 

So, while aloo bukhara is in season, your reason to indulge in this stone fruit shouldn’t just be driven by thoughts of indulging in jams, sauces, chutneys, desserts and beverages, but also to reap the health benefits of Indian plums. Wondering what these benefits are? Here are 10 healthy reasons to indulge in aloo bukhara or Indian plums this monsoon. 

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Digestive Boost 

Loaded with both soluble and insoluble dietary fibres, plums are great for digestion. Not only do they help with adding bulk to stool and softening it, but also regulate bowel movements and reduce the risk of constipation. What’s more, the tanginess of aloo bukhara also improves gut health by promoting the growth of good gut bacteria. 

Antioxidant Power 

Antioxidants are known to reduce the activity of harmful free radicals in the body and protecting the cells from oxidative stress. Packed to the hilt with antioxidants and bioactive compounds, particularly vitamin C, flavonoids and polyphenols, eating aloo bukhara can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases. 

Bone Strength 

Aloo bukhara is very rich in vitamin K, an elusive but essential nutrient our body needs for bone health. Vitamin K aids the calcium absorption in the body, which in turn helps with bone mineralization and keeps age-related bone degradation at bay. This can not only keep bone diseases like osteoporosis at bay, but also reduce the risk of fractures. 

Heart Health 

Loaded with potassium and other essential minerals, eating aloo bukhara can help maintain healthy blood pressure levels and prevent hypertension. This matters for heart health because having hypertension can indeed increase your risk of heart diseases. Further, potassium also aids cardiovascular health in general. 

Blood Sugar Check 

As mentioned before, plums are loaded with soluble dietary fibres, which slow down and regulate digestion. This, in turn, improves insulin sensitivity and prevents any rapid spikes in blood sugar levels. For those with pre-diabetes and diabetes, eating aloo bukhara can help manage blood sugar levels within a healthy range. 

Weight Loss 

Low in calories, high in water content, and packed to the brim with nutrients, aloo bukhara can be a great hydrating snack which improves satiety. This can further help reduce cravings when you are on a weight loss diet and help with reducing your overall calorie intake. So, if you are on a weight loss journey then including the stone fruit when it is in season can really help. 

Skin Health 

Stone fruits are known to be loaded with vitamins that improve skin health, and aloo bukhara is no exception. Rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, as well as antioxidants like flavonoids and polyphenols, Indian plums can improve skin elasticity, minimize wrinkling and keep signs of ageing at bay. So, eat plums for a radiant and glowing complexion. 

Immunity Boost 

Nutrient-dense and loaded with immune-boosting vitamins and antioxidants, aloo bukhara can bolster your immunity and help fight off seasonal infections and flus. Plums are particularly rich in vitamin C, which is an ascorbic acid that boosts the immune system and enhances the production of immune cells. So, plums offer the perfect defense system against infections and illnesses. 

Cognitive Support 

Apart from being loaded with antioxidants and powerful vitamins, plums are also packed with certain phytonutrients that have been linked by many studies with potential cognitive benefits. These phytonutrients protect the brain cells from oxidative stress and damage, reducing the risk of cognitive decline especially with age. 

Cancer Prevention 

Packed to the hilt with phenolic compounds and antioxidants like beta-carotenes and flavonoids, eating aloo bukhara may help reduce the risk of cancer. Some studies suggest that consumption of foods like plums, which are loaded with bioactive compounds, can indeed reduce inflammation and the risk of cancer cell growth. Although further research is needed in this area, these benefits of eating plums are quite positive.