All About Kim Kardashian’s Foodie Side And Healthy Eats
Image Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram, She loves eating acai bowls at anytime of the day.

There is hardly anything about the life of Kardashians that has ever escaped the public eye. The famous US family has an extensive family tree and Kim Kardashian is one of them. A popular celebrity-model as well as a great actress and entrepreneur, the lady with many talents also has a foodie side to her. She loves digging into her favourite Mexican food, as per a report by an international media publication and her go-to meal would be guacamole and chips.

However, someone like Kim who enjoys rich and indulgent foods, it is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To keep herself in shape, the 41-year-old model works out regularly, doing a mix of strength training and cardio. Not just that, she also follows a healthy dietary regime, including nutrient-rich foods. Recently, she shared a picture of her breakfast bowl on her Instagram stories and it was all about energy.

She posted a picture of her breakfast tray which had an acai bowl and a cup of tea. Acai bowl, for the unversed, is originally a Brazilian dessert that comprises mashed or frozen fruits obtained from the acai palm. The sweet and healthy treat is commonly eaten for breakfast these days. Kim’s bowl was full of sliced mangoes, bananas, strawberries, and nuts. Kept alongside a cup of hot tea, Kim captioned it saying, “Acai Bowl with hot tea always makes me happy no matter what time of the day."

Source: Shutterstock

Seems like we have an acai bowl fan in the house. While this is just one dish from her healthy diet, she enjoys oatmeal pancakes and chia puddings for breakfast too. Topped with honey and fruits, the former is her go-to breakfast option. Her chia pudding also became quite a rage sometime back when she shared the recipe of the same in her stories, according to a report by an international media publication.  

For main meals, she generally opts for chicken or fish along with green, leafy vegetables and water-rich veggies. The key to her flawless skin and great body is a combination of proteins and water-rich foods in her diet. She focuses on staying hydrated and maintaining a calorie count of less than 1900 per day, according to a report by a media publication.