Akshay Kumar Enjoys This Monsoon Staple With Team Raksha Bandhan
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Come monsoons and one can find scores of street vendors selling freshly roasted bhutta, or corncob, on carts. While chai and pakoras go hand in hand during the season, bhutta is another staple that one simply can’t resist during rains. Piping hot corn has a different fan base during the season. Tossing the corn in an array of spices and a dash of lemon has become quite popular among the masses. Not just us, even Akshay Kumar and his team of the film Raksha Bandhan loves the humble bhutta.  

Currently on a promotional spree, team Raksha Bandhan - including director Aanand L Rai, Akshay, and his co-stars Sadia Khan and Deepika Khanna - were seen relishing this monsoon delight in flight. In a short video shared by actor Sadia, we could see the team noshing up the sweet, salty, and often spicy treat. “And he got us food,” she wrote in the caption. Akshay shared Sadia’s reels on his Instagram stories and revealed that they were heading to Hyderabad. He wrote, “Indore” with a green tick emoticon, and added, “Hyderabad, here we come”. Have a look at them relishing bhuttas here:


A street snack, which is a favourite across age groups, bhutta is primarily prepared by roasting corn on a cob until it is crispy and smoky. It is then smeared with lemon juice, lip-smacking masalas, butter, and even chilli powder in some cases. And in case the Raksha Bandhan team has left you craving for this staple monsoon snack, we have a delicious Indian bhutta recipe right here. If you are in the mood to experiment, here is a Mexican spin to corncob. This slightly different version of the classic Indian bhutta is sure to impress the spice lover in you. 

The recipe has fresh corn on the cob coated with butter, and grilled until it forms a lovely char. It is then slathered with chilli mayo and finished with fresh cilantro, crumbled cotija - a Mexican cheese, followed by a sprinkle of smoked paprika and a squeeze of lime. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Click here for the Mexican corn on the cob recipe.