Akshay Kumar Enjoys Misal Pav At This Popular Eatery In Pune

Let’s just agree that street food has an irreplaceable place in the heart of every Indian foodie. From Chaats, Tikkis, and Puchkas to Vada Pav or Misal Pav, the list of lip-smacking, street-style recipes out there is just endless. The street food of India is a collective set of some of its states’ most loved delicacies - be it Delhi’s Dahi Bhalla or Mumbai’s Misal Pav. 

Every city has a set of its most-loved street food recipes. And if you think it’s just us who love it so much, our favourite Bollywood celebrities aren’t any different when it comes to street food. Akshay Kumar, for instance, has confessed to being a foodie on many occasions, despite the fact that he keeps himself fit to the core. But on many occasions, he simply let go and enjoyed street food too. In a recent instance, the actor visited Pune as part of the promotions of his upcoming movie Raksha Bandhan, and gorged on a classic street-style delicacy from the city. Can you guess what? It was none other than Misal Pav!  

Akshay took to social media to share a picture of his outing in the city with the team wherein we could see him seated with his director Aanand L Rai and his co-stars from the film, along with a table full of food. “Har Punekar ki jaan aur shaan, misal paav,” the actor wrote in the caption of the post. They were seated at a popular restaurant called Shrimant Misal Aani Barech Kahi in Pune. “After our hearts, now even our stomachs are full thanks to Shrimant Misal Aani Barech Kahi. Khoop chaan,” he added in the caption. For the unversed, ‘khoop chan’ is the Marathi style of saying ‘very good’. Take a look at the post he shared: 

Image: Instagram/Akshay Kumar

Misal Pav consists of a spicy and flavourful curry made with moth beans, served with soft and buttery Pav. It is extremely popular across the state of Maharashtra, eaten as a street food. And if all this talk about Misal Pav has got you hungry, fret not. We have just the right recipe for it here! This special dish can easily be made at home with a simple and quick cooking method. Click here for the full recipe of Misal Pav. Try it at home and share your experience with us.