Look back into the past, and you’ll find that millets have been in use in India for 5,000 years, or maybe even more. Thus it goes without saying that people have benefited from these cereal grains for longer than we can imagine. 

But despite having such healthy options, changing trends meant that packaged foods found more preference in people’s diets. That said, not all is lost yet. Nutrient-rich millets are available in various forms. Bajra, for instance, is loaded with proteins, vitamins, fibre and minerals that can be a boon for your body.

Did you know that millet is also known as ‘the cereal of the poor’? Yes, you can also call it a pocket-friendly food item. By consuming millet, you can not only boost the energy level in your body but reduce weight, boost immunity and get rid of other health issues. Of course, most fitness freaks like to eat millet, but this gluten-free grain can benefit people from all age groups.

You will find millet in multiple colours, sizes and shapes in the market. Let us tell you about some of its varieties:

  1. Foxtail millet is also known as kakum and kangni
  2. Finger millet is also known as ragi
  3. Sorghum is known as jowar
  4. Pearl millet is called bajra
  5. Amarnath is called rajgira
  6. Buckwheat is called kuttu

How to include millets in your diet?

  1. You can include millet in place of rice in your diet. But, first, soak the millet in water for 3-4 hours or overnight before cooking it. Then, to get an even better taste of millet, try frying it a little before cooking.
  2. You can also prepare the following millet recipes - bajra khichdi, pancakes, tikki, cutlets, kheer, phirni, sheera, halwa and baked dishes like dhokla, cheela, salad, cookies.

P.S. Before buying millet, check the information on the packet to see whether or not it is gluten-free.

Health benefits of millets:

  1. Millet is an excellent source of protein; including it in the diet helps in reducing cholesterol and controlling blood sugar.
  2. If you have kidney, liver or gastric problems, you must consume millet because it helps indigestion.
  3. Bajra is rich in antioxidants; its consumption helps detoxify the body and boosts immunity.
  4. If you want to lose weight, start consuming millet because it is gluten-free.

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