Gluten-free, vegan and solar baked breakfast cookies: In the current work-from-home culture, there is a growing shift towards superfoods that improve moods, satiate post-meal hunger pangs and boost health by increasing immunity. Therefore, Dr Minal Kabra, Co-Founder, Kivu shares that gluten-free and vegan snacking food items are a top priority. Especially during the pandemic, wherein everyone is trying to balance their cravings for snacks with healthier choices. 

Power-packed breakfast

Convenient snacking options like eating between meals and amid boredom has always been a part of the Indian food culture. However, vegan and gluten-free cookies make for a perfect power-packed breakfast while offering a delicious munching option all through the day. Opting for handcrafted cookies baked with the goodness of sun heat and healthy superfoods like jowar, coconut, whole wheat and oats can be the first step toward healthy eating habits. 

Sunbaked cookies 

Adopt a holistic approach towards your fitness by switching to sunbaked cookies that has unparalleled taste and texture. The aroma of cookies sunning itself in a solar oven is sure to please your senses. Solar baked cookies are completely guilt-free as they are baked without any chemical additives, refined sugar or refined flour. These cookies are fresh, flavourful, and fundamentally nutritious, making the first meal of your morning healthy and filling.

Vegan and gluten-free cookies

But being high on the socio-environmental quotient does not make a cookie great. However, the refreshing combinations of vegan and gluten-free product mixes can satisfy your cravings. For example, the millet-based ginger lemon and rajgira coconut cookies harness the super benefits of sorghum and amaranth. At the same time, the chocolate draped variants of choco-chip and chocolate oats cookies blend the richness of coconut and oats with mineral-rich jaggery. 

So start your day with these solar ovens baked healthy cookies and keep the everyday boredom eating at bay!