Here's How Can You Add Local Flavour To A Global Wedding?
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The Indian wedding is known worldwide for its splendour and abundance. Loud music, heavy jewellery, and an array of food stalls seem a familiar scene seen in almost any wedding. And yes food section seems to be everyone’s interest as a wedding feast is everything but ordinary. Food is the centre stage, with waiters serving cocktails to the adults and juices for the children. However, it isn't easy to design a balanced menu that satisfies the myriad of taste buds that the guests will have. The menu caters to vegetarians and meat lovers while balancing various cuisine types, including Continental, Indian, and Italian. Earlier, a halwai trusted for centuries in a family would take care of the menu, but as the market has become more globalized, both the guests and the couples are opting for a more refined menu. Such menus are specially curated with the help of professional chefs.

Wedding menu with local flavours

Theme Weavers Designs ensures that both the couple and the guests have the time of their lives in any event they curate. In 2021, all sorts of dietary restrictions need to be considered. So, after working with the catering team, they came up with a menu that satisfies the needs of all sorts of diets - from gluten and dairy-free to pescatarian. Specializing in destination weddings, they try to include a local flair into all the dishes. By choosing the freshest and seasonal ingredients, the dishes are made. At the same time, crowd-pleasing dishes that are sure to be a fan favourite are included in the menu. What this means is that after choosing the ingredients, the caterers focus on preparing their signature dishes that are sure to wow the guests.

  1. For instance, a wedding in Jaipur will feature local fan favourites like litti chokha or dal batti churma. 
  2. At the same time, if the marriage were in Delhi, local food specialities and delicacies like aloo chaat or paneer tikka would be the starter that everyone will love for sure. 
  3. At the same time, another route can also be taken where there is a live cooking station where the guests can order customizable dishes that can fit their palette. 
  4. National delicacies meant to be eaten fresh and piping hot like the humble dosa or the excellent pani puri can be served in splendid food stalls and the buffet or the seated dinner for an added touch of something reminiscent of every Indian’s childhood. 

Providing the guests with limited choice in a particular cuisine type may help them choose the dish they will be sure to love.

Fruit decor 

Trends in numerous weddings come and go, but this trend seems immune to the changing times combining the best of both worlds - the beauty of unique decor pieces and the freshness of fruits. Fruit decor pieces are a trend that is gaining traction this wedding season as they are colourful while being good enough to eat! Furthermore, it is prevalent for couples to have a warm and traditional vibe during a winter wedding. So they will often request tropical elements to be incorporated into their marriage.

  1. One of the common fruits to be displayed is one of the nation's beloved fruits - the delicious mango. 
  2. Other local fruits like jackfruit, mangosteen, and papaya are also displayed. 
  3. A subtle nuance of local and Indian flavours can also captivate the guests' palettes by featuring chikoo barfi, mango kulfi, or sitaphal basundi. 

Fruit beverages

Drinks with the heavy use of coconuts can be used as well. Lemons are also a gorgeous fruit that can be used as an elegant decor piece. The lemons can be placed inside a glass vase with flowers for the centrepieces. This will undoubtedly show a seamless harmony between the decor and the food items, making for a cohesive sense of style in the wedding.

Land of spices

The land of spices we live in is also renowned worldwide with the diverse traditions and customs associated with food. Cooking, as an activity, has been passed down lovingly from one generation to the next. This ensures that along with the food, customs are practised as well.

Indian Thali

At weddings, the thali style of eating is the most common. With buffets galore, it can be seen that the food items often spill into one another, but the simple partitioned Indian thali has been used for generations. Any Indian wedding is incomplete without it.


  • Another tradition associated with food is the offering of prasadam to god. This is a widespread practice observed since ancient times, where freshly cooked food is first offered to God and then consumed by people. Moreover, before starting any auspicious occasion like a wedding, the practice of providing prasadam has been carried on. 
  • Lastly, it has been observed by various communities across India. Before the commencement of any momentous occasion, the parents make the child eat a spoonful of curd with sugar. The curd helps cool the insides while the sugar gives you an instant boost of energy, making for one of the most heartwarming and long-enduring traditions linked to food in India.

On a parting note, the wedding food and the decor must go hand in hand. For instance, a Mughlai course with a Moroccan-themed mehndi will not go together. Therefore, both the visuals and the food need to go together to make the best of the food and the decor.