Actress Alia Bhatt Shares Her Favourite Beetroot Salad Recipe
Image Credit: Image Credits: Alia Bhatt/Instagram EatWithTanisha/Instagram

When it comes to staying healthy, nobody knows the struggle quite as well as Bollywood stars. Always being in the limelight means having to work twice as hard to keep in shape despite late nights and long hours. Each person has their own trade secrets and go-to routines but actress Alia Bhatt has figured out the secret to making fitness quick and delicious at the same time with her favourite Beetroot Salad. 

The star shared a video with her fans spilling the secret recipe that she admitted to eating every day while in Goa filming on the set of the movie ‘Dear Zindagi’. The light, refreshing flavours kept her cool while the power of beetroots kept her in peak condition on busy days. 


Their natural sweetness makes beetroots a delicious addition to so many dishes, but they also have a lot to offer in the health department. Beetroots are low in calories while also containing almost all the nutrients your body needs which make them the perfect diet food. The high fibre content keeps you feeling full longer, putting off those mid-afternoon munchies and it’s thought to help regulate blood flow and pressure. So when one vegetable can do all that and more, it’s no wonder that Alia chose to make it her dish of the day. If you want to add a dose of health to your daily menu, why not try out her recipe too!


    1 boiled and grated beetroot 

    1 cup of yoghurt 



    Chaat Masala

    ½ cup fresh coriander leaves


    ¼  tablespoon oil

    1 tsp black mustard seeds

    1 tsp cumin seeds

    A pinch of Hing (asafoetida)

    Curry leaves to taste


1.    Mix the grated beetroot into the yoghurt till it’s well combined.

2.    Add in salt, chaat masala and black pepper to taste.

3.    Sprinkle with fresh, chopped coriander leaves.

4.    To make the tadka, heat the oil over a flame till bubbling slightly.

5.    Add the mustard seeds, cumin seeds, hing and curry leaves to the oil.

6.    Fry for around 10 seconds, but don’t let the spices burn.

7.    Pour the tadka mix into the beetroot mixture, stir well and enjoy!