Achari Chicken To Achari Paneer, Dishes We Love The Most
Image Credit: Achari Chicken

Let us tell you that the earliest traces of pickling dates back to 2030 BC when Indian cucumbers were pickled in Wayanad’s Tigris valley, as stated by the New York Food Museum. Though aachars, widely used in India, are believed to have Persian roots. 

No matter where we are, all we need is achar and our life is sorted. We Indians love achars or pickles so much that we have dragged its flavour into some main course Indian dishes. Yes! Haven’t you heard of dishes like achari aloo or achari paneer? This is enough to prove that this condiment is very special. In this article, let us know about some achari dishes that we have been having at restaurants and just loving. 

Achari Aloo 

There is a plethora of Indian potato dishes but this one has our beloved achar. This is basically a spicy potato dish that has all the flavours of a spicy and scrumptious North Indian pickle. When served with chapati or parantha, this potato dish can give a treat to your taste buds. Here’s how you can make this achari aloo at home. 

Achari Paneer 

After aloo, I think paneer is one such ingredient which people especially vegetarians fondly eat. Achari paneer is yet another spicy and flavourful dish served with roti as well as rice. This can work like a main course dish as well as a party snack. Want the recipe? Have a look below. 

Achari Parantha 

Get over regular parantha and have this achari parantha. When we say achari, we literally mean it. The dough of this parantha is mixed with pickle masala and also stuffed with pickle. It tastes yummy, believe me! 

Achari Chicken 

Among so many achari dishes, achari chicken    is my favourite. This chicken has all spices that we usually put in a North Indian pickle. It tastes different from other chicken dishes but is lip-smacking. You can serve it with roti, naan, tandoori roti or even rice. Here’s the recipe of this yummy chicken dish. 

Achari Chana Pulao 

After talking about so many achari dishes, it is our duty to talk about achari pulao. This rice dish is a beautiful blend of pickle, rice and chickpeas. Full of spices, this pulao is best to be served to guests and goes will a simple raita. Find the recipe below. 

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