A Foodie's Guide: Experience Best Night Street Food In Ahmedabad
Image Credit: Street Food | Image Credit: Unsplash.com

Ahmedabad is the largest city in the state of Gujarat and is known for its vibrant culture and cuisine. It is home to a variety of delicacies from around the world, but it is the street food that stands out the most. Whether it is a quick snack or a full-course meal, Ahmedabad's street food is the go-to for locals and tourists alike. The city’s foodies come alive at night, and in this guide, we will explore the best nighttime street food in Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad Street Food at Night

The streets of the city come alive with the aroma of delicious food and the sound of laughter and chatter. From classic snacks like dabeli and vada pav to more exotic dishes like chicken 65, the streets of Ahmedabad are filled with delicious street food.

It can be overwhelming for first-timers, but with this guide, you will be able to explore the best nighttime street food in Ahmedabad with ease.

Where to Find the Best Night Street Food in Ahmedabad

1.    Manek Chowk 

Located in a city square in old Ahmedabad, this is one of the oldest street food markets in Ahmedabad and a great place to sample some of the city's classic dishes. From samosas to khaman dhokla, you can find it all here. The square is surrounded by historical buildings. Just two kilometers from the Geeta Mandir bus stop and three kilometers from the Ahmedabad Railway station, you can fill up on bhaji-pav, sandwiches (a wide variety), aloo tikki, pulao, jalebi-fafda, ganthiya, papdi, jamun shots, and more. The majority of the eateries are open in the evening, making that time of day ideal for a visit. The restaurant serves dishes from all over India as well as some international favorites, including methinagota, chocolate sandwiches, and sev puris, which are a few of the most ordered items.

2.    Baghdad Fry Center

Although most Gujarati street food is geared toward vegetarians, meat eaters won't be left wanting in Ahmedabad thanks to the city's many Baghdad fry centers, which serve up tasty meat dishes like mutton chaaps and keema chops. Chicken amreen, keema chops, cutlets, and kharode soup are some of the most popular dishes.

3.    Bhatiyar Gali 

This is most likely the best and most extensive non-vegetarian food option in Ahmedabad. These restaurants serve authentic, 600-year-old Ahmedabadi cuisine. Chicken kebabs, chaap fry, bheja masala, and tava-biryani are some of the most-ordered dishes.

4.    Ahmedabad Street Food Park

Ahmedabad Street Food Park, found in the neighborhood of Makarba, is a popular destination for those looking to sample the city's diverse street fare and enjoy a delicious meal after a night out. Every type of street food imaginable can be found at the Ahmedabad Street Food Park, from authentic Chinese to traditional Gujrati snacks. If you go on the weekend, you'll be able to mingle with the locals and sample the same cuisine they do. Dosa, ice cream sundaes, momos, fafda, and khandvi are just some of the most well-liked dishes.

5.    Law Garden Night Market

This is one of the most popular street food spots in Ahmedabad, and it is filled with vendors selling a variety of snacks and dishes. From classic snacks like dabeli to exotic dishes like chicken 65, you can find it all here. A few must-eats here: golgappas, buttas, dhoklas, pav bhaji, chaats, dosas, uttapams, idlis, dabelis, and more!

6.    Sindhi Market

This is a more modern street food market, and it is filled with vendors selling a variety of snacks and dishes. From traditional Gujarati snacks like khandvi to North Indian dishes like paneer tikka, you can find it all here. The market is mainly a popular destination for chaat and bhelpuri, as well as for sweets such as jalebi (a deep-fried sweet made with flour and syrup) and kulfi (a frozen dairy dessert). Must-try dishes include pakodi (pani-puri or golgappas), sev puri, dabeli, jalebi, and Khaman dhokla (a savory cake made of chickpea flour). 

If going on a food adventure is not your thing, at least make sure to have a Garam Chai ki Pyaali. Ketli, or kettle tea, is a specialty of Ahmedabad, and for good reason. Make your evenings in Ahmedabad memorable by ordering a chai and a maska-bun.    

To experience the best nighttime street food in Ahmedabad, it is recommended to visit these markets in the evening when they are most lively and bustling with vendors and customers. Be sure to try a variety of different street food items to get a taste of the local cuisine. So, if you are looking for a unique and delicious experience, head to Ahmedabad and enjoy the best night street food in the city!