4 Famous Street Foods Of Prayagraj
Image Credit: Street Foods Of Prayagraj

The historical city of Prayagraj has always been a centre of faith. Also known as the city of Sangam, Prayagraj is famous for the Kumbh Mela. But this city is renowned for its devotion, history along with its food and beverages. So if you are fond of street foods and planning to visit Prayagraj, don't forget to try the following things. 


Lassi should be your must-have in Prayagraj. The fresh yoghurt is churned to creamy goodness till the malai froths on top. Aren't you too fond of cream? The cream can be scraped off from the top, but we suggest sipping a glass with the malai. The lassi is primarily served in handcrafted clay mugs that imparts a natural flavour. To taste this rich delicacy, Raja Ram Lassi Wala is undoubtedly the best spot. 

Location: 18/36, Malviya Nagar, Loknath Chowk, Prayagraj, UP 

Sabzi Kachori

The taste of these melt in mouth Prayagraj kachoris cannot be expressed in words. These urad dal balls filled with tangy stuffing goes well with the spicy sabzi. The city's locals go for Netram Mulchand & Sons, one of the spots to enjoy food in Prayagraj. The kachoris seared in desi ghee gives a rich and unique flavour. 

Location: 259, Katra, Netram Chouraha, Prayagraj, UP 

Dahi Jalebi

Does it seem like a rare combo? But believe us, after eating, it will be at your top list. If you are a dessert fanatic, you will surely enjoy this unique combo. Haven’t you tried it yet? Then you must surely visit Hira Halwai.

Location: Vivek Vihar Colony, Thornhill Rd, Civil Lines, Prayagraj, UP 

Chatpata Churmura 

Chatpata churmura is among Prayagraj's most eccentric and popular street food. Like Kolkata's jhal-muri, it's a go-to snack prepared from fresh lime, puffed rice, roasted peanuts, spices, chat masala and chickpeas. So grab some and let the flavour take care of all. You can find it on any street corner.