8 Lesser Known Haryanvi Dishes That Will Leave You Wanting More
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Popular for its athletes and dairy products, Haryana is a state in the northern part of India. Very often we hear Haryana's name during the Olympics and Asian Games. But have you ever wondered what kind of food do people of Haryana eat that gives them the energy to win Olympic medals? Well, mostly the cuisine of Haryana is quite simple and heavily relies on wheat and dairy products. But that doesn't mean that the food is not appetising enough to lure you back again and again. Let's look at some of the lesser-known desi Haryanvi delectable dishes.

1. Bajra Aloo Roti

People in Haryana love to eat rotis and parathas as both of them are extremely filling and nutritious. Bajra is a very famous ingredient among the people of Haryana, especially in the winter season as it helps in keeping one warm. Bajra, that is millet, is mixed with smashed potatoes with the help of some water to make a dough. Some spices are added to the dough to enhance the flavour of the flatbread. It is then cooked on a pan with a lot of ghee and served with curd.

2. Kadhi Pakora

Kadhi is one dish that has different variants all across the country. The Haryana version of Kadhi Pakora uses buttermilk and gram flour as the key ingredients. Also, fritters made from gram flour are added to the Kadhi. A bowl of curry with rice is the most scrumptious meal ever. You can top the combination with some onions to make the most of the meal.

3. Bajra Khichdi

As we know khichdi is a very versatile dish and the whole of India likes making different types of khichdi. Bajra is one of the favourite ingredients of the people of Haryana as it is abundantly available in the state. Bajra Khichdi is made by adding bajra, some rice and some moong dal with a mixture of spices to enhance the flavour. It is a simple, but a very hearty meal that you can enjoy during winters.

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4. Choliya Sabzi

Choliya or green beans are extremely popular in Haryana and are used in different types of dishes. One of the most common ways of using Choliya is by making a sabzi. Cholia is mixed with onions, tomatoes, and a lot of spices to make a flavourful sabzi that can be enjoyed with a paratha or a roti. Some people even like eating it with rice or even with Khichdi. 

5. Bhura Roti

This is a cult classic flatbread recipe that is nostalgic and feels like a hug on the days you are missing your family. The bhura roti is made from bhura which is powdered sugar and wheat flour. The dough is made by using both of these two ingredients with a lot of ghee and some salt. The outcome is a sweet and salty flatbread that is addictive and oh-so tempting.

6. Alsi ki Pinni

Alsi refers to flax seeds or linseeds. Alsi ki Pinni is a type of ladoo made from flax seeds, ghee wheat flour and sugar. The mixture is rolled into small balls that can be consumed daily. These laddoos are extremely rich in iron and omega-3. One laddoo a day is enough to complete your daily iron intake. These pinnis are very soft in texture and melt as soon as you put them in your mouth.

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7. Tomato Chutney

As the name suggests, this is a very tangy chutney made from the hero ingredient which is tomato. Other ingredients like onion, garlic, ginger, some salt and spices, are also used in making the chutney. It's extremely flavourful by itself and also enhances the flavour of anything else that it is added to. It is often consumed with pakoras, parathas and as a side dish while eating khichdi.

8. Meethe Chawal

Meethe chawal or sweet rice is prepared by using Basmati rice and jaggery. Haryana is one of the largest producers of Basmati rice in India which is why high-quality rice is very much available in the state. The rice is prepared by adding jaggery and some dry fruits to it. The final result is sweet pudding-like rice that is chewy and fulfills your cravings when you feel like eating something sweet, but not too unhealthy.

These are some of the top Haryanavi dishes that you can eat. Most of these dishes are extremely healthy and delicious. One can easily incorporate these recipes into their daily life to increase the nutritional value of meals and try different flavours.