Khichdi Connection: Make These 5 Types Of Khichdis This Makar Sankranti At Home
Image Credit: From potato khichdi to sabudana khichdi, there are a variety of khichdis you can eat on Makar Sankranti.

One pot meals are quite common in most Indian cuisines. From biryanis to pulaos, there are a plethora of one pot dishes that are devoured in Indian households. Most often, these one pot recipes consist of rice as a major ingredient. As we are ready to enter a new year, it is also about time that we welcome a new harvest. Every year, on 14th January (sometimes 15th January), people across India celebrate a special harvest festival called Makar Sankranti. In other parts of the country, it is known as Lohri, Pongal, Bihu and Uttarayan. Whatever be the name, the festival is celebrated with utmost fervour and enthusiasm. 

From flying kites to relishing til and gud-based desserts like til ladoos, laai and more, the devotees worship to the Sun God, hoping for a great harvest season. There is another food item which is very intrinsic to the celebration of this day i.e. khichdi. A simple rice and lentil combination, this one pot meal has great significance for Makar Sankranti. Since it is celebrated according to the Hindu calendar, the Hindu God Gorakhnath is worshipped on this day and his idol is offered a prasad of khichdi. This simple preparation of rice and lentils is mixed with haldi to give it a yellowish hue and is symbolic of life and regeneration. 

The commencement of the new harvest season is very important for the farmers and the khichdi plays a major role in the celebration of the same. Since Makar Sankranti is approaching, here are a few khichdi recipes that you may try at home. 

1.  Dalia Khichdi 

This is one nutritious bowl that is not only festive but healthy and filling for your appetite too. The porridge is used as the main ingredient instead of rice and spruced up with vegetables and mild spices. You can add potatoes, corn, green peas and a host of vegetables to make it a wholesome meal. 

2.  Palak Khichdi 

The combination of rice and toor dal with a flavour of spinach is the best way to eat your greens. The spinach is blanched and mashed to be mixed with the rice, giving the khichdi a vibrant green colour. This earthy-looking khichdi is packed with nutrition and health. 

3.  Sabudana Khichdi 

Also known as sago, this khichdi is usually a popular choice during fasts. The sabudana is a super healthy food which can act as a substitute in a variety of things like this khichdi. You can add potatoes and peanuts to the sabudana and spruce it up. 

4.  Moong Daler Khichudi 

This Bengali-style khichdi is a must-have on Makar Sankranti. Moong dal and long-grain rice is cooked along with bay leaves and spices, giving it a distinct aroma. This flavourful khichudi doesn’t usually have any vegetables as the rice and lentils suffice. 

5.  Potato Khichdi 

This is not what you think it is. The potatoes are boiled and mashed and spiked with spices and coriander to form a thick mixture. That’s all, your khichdi is ready. It doesn’t require any rice or lentils. Just add some peanuts for the crunch and lime juice for the zest.