8 Cheat Snacks To Satiate Afternoon Hunger Pangs

Do you know which are the meals that stump you in every weight-loss regime? The mid-morning snack and the afternoon hunger pang. If you indulge carefully in these two moments of food cravings, it is possible to stick to a slightly balanced version of your diet without giving in too much to a high-calorie overload.

Some snacks are meant to serve just this purpose. Healthier takes on fried goodies and high-sodium junk foods, these munchies are good enough for a small cheat meal had at odd hours during the day. Read on below for some cheat snacking options to binge on in moderate proportions:

Banana Chips

Instead of opting for fried potato chips, go for a handful of lightly salted banana chips. Tasty and flavoured with pepper or chili powder, banana chips are an excellent munching accompaniment to a warm cup of chai.

Cheese Chilly Toast

This is a perfect cheat snack for 4 pm hunger pangs. Have two or three sumptuous slices of cheese chilly toast for an afternoon binge. Spicy chilli and melted cheese heaped on bread lathered in butter is too tempting a combination to resist.

Nachos And Salsa

Nachos and salsa are actually a quite handy snack option for mid-morning hunger pangs. It is best to have chips and dips not in the evening, but in the morning when they can be digested quickly by the body.

Cheesy Fries

If it is fries that you want, go for cheese loaded fries and ketchup for a cheat meal snack that will also fill you up. For a slightly healthier alternative, have a plate of sweet potato fries and then skip dinner if you feel too full.


The spicy pudina water in chaat can actually boost digestion if had in moderate portions. Mixed with puris, sev and tamarind chutney, it takes on a different and more tastier avatar which is perfect for an afternoon cheat binge.

Banana Walnut Brownie

Go for a sweet treat that might make you feel a little less guilty about cheating! Making a banana walnut brownie at home is an easy process. Avoid adding too much sugar to the recipe, instead use the sweetness of the bananas to give more flavour to the cake. Have the brownie as a pre-workout snack to burn it away while exercising.

Masala Corn

Steam some American corn, season it with butter, chilli powder, chaat masala and chopped onions to make masala corn right at home. This indulgent cheat snack will spike up your energy levels quickly before you head out for an evening workout.

Soya Sticks

Crispy, crunchy deep-fried munchies, soya sticks are just lip-smacking options to binge on at tea-time. Opt for the baked version for a healthier alternative. Have soya sticks in moderate proportions only!