5 High-Calorie, Indulgent Dishes For A Cheat Day Breakfast

A cheat meal on the horizon motivates those among us who are health conscious to eat cleanly during the week. When the day finally arrives, it is all about indulging in delicious, high-calorific treats that are savoured after days of eating healthy. Instead of a cheat day, it is always beneficial to have a cheat meal, which involves a sumptuous spread full of tasty treats.

This meal is best enjoyed at breakfast because it is easier to burn the excess calories as the day goes by. Digestive fire is also high in the morning which means a heavy breakfast can be digested more easily by the body. Have your cheat breakfast after some intense cardio or muscle workout session to make the meal totally worth it! Read on below for some cheat meal breakfast ideas:

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Loved by kids and adults alike, chocolate chip pancakes made with full white flour, sugar, eggs, milk and a bit of cinnamon are such a warm breakfast on cheat days! Add a mix of white and dark chocolate chips and carve a whipped cream smile on the pancakes for an extra yummy, high-calorie, guilty pleasure!

Chapati Pizza

Put leftover chapatis to good use by making a pizza at home for breakfast, using them as the crust. Lather the chapati in tomato sauce and heap toppings including corn, olives, capsicum, cheese before putting it on the pan. This thin-crust, indulgent, homemade pizza is a simple but tasty alternative for a cheat breakfast.

Cheese Dosa

On days when you feel like indulging in a delicious morning meal, particularly after a gruelling workout session, opt for the cheese dosa, a filling and sumptuous southern Indian breakfast item served with generous quantities of grated cheese. Dosa-sambar is a healthy breakfast alternative on most days but with the addition of cheese, become a guilty-pleasure on cheat days.

Sabudana Khichdi

Surprised to see this one in the list? Sabudana or sago pearls contain high number of calories, are rich in carbohydrates and maltose making them unsuitable options during weight-loss programs. So, sabudana khichdi is a perfect breakfast cheat meal option on indulgent mornings. Pair the khichdi with curd or cucumber raita.

Egg Sandwich

Easy to make and high in protein, pair your eggs with white bread for a delicious grilled sandwich recipe. Whip up an omelette and stuff it between slices of bread along with some pepper and cheese before popping it in the toaster or griller to enjoy a divine portion of cheesy egg grilled sandwich.