Top 5 Sinfully Cheesy Meals For A Cheat Weekend

A long week of work drawing to a close means treating oneself to some delicious guilty pleasures to unwind, relax, and go down a rabbit hole of devilishly gooey and yummy food. And is there anything better than a fully loaded, cheesy cheat meal, rich in flavour and taste, that will melt away all the week’s woes? In fact, cheese is such a popular source of comfort and delight that, for the longest time, houses in Ancient Rome had special kitchens just for fermenting cheese!

Today, there are more than a thousand varieties of cheese produced the world over and just as many recipes pair this dairy product with a host of different wines, vegetables, meats, and breads. Here are some of the more indulgent and absolutely sinful cheesy delights to gorge on this weekend as cunning cheat meals:

Margherita Pizza

Basil, mozzarella, and tomato sauce: three ingredients make up this divine pizza that was invented in the late 19th century in Italy. The story goes that it marked the unification of Italy, where the green, white, and red of the ingredients stood for the colours of the Italian flag. Margherita’s virtues, which extend beyond its rich historical significance, are also about enjoying the piping hot pizza made of the yummiest, melted cheese, whose flavour is only enhanced by the freshness of basil and the tang of the tomato.

The cheese used: Mozzarella

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

In sickness and in health, grilled cheese is a delightful indulgence that nourishes the soul and comforts the senses! A warm bowl of tomato soup and a piping-hot grilled cheese sandwich are the perfect cheat meals to unwind on a rainy day. Any kind of sliced or grated cheese, like sharp cheddar or Monterey Jack, goes well in a classic sandwich. A spot of Dijon mustard and a sprinkling of black pepper on the cheese adds to the flavour of the sandwich grilled on a cast-iron skillet. 

The cheese used: Sharp Cheddar, Monterey Jack, and Gruyere 

Mac n’ Cheese

If there ever was a guilty, cheesy delight to indulge in that was also easiest to whip up at home, it is the classic macaroni and cheese. Traditionally, the flavour of the cheese sauce is brought out better by sprinkling a thick layer of bread crumbs on the casserole before baking the pasta in the oven. The richly cheesy recipe involves making a sauce using generous amounts of cheddar, cream, milk, and just a hint of mustard to give it an added zing. Fold in a bit of parmesan and a slightly salty Gruyere for a cheesier variation.

The cheese used: Cheddar, Gruyere, Parmesan, and Brie 

Loaded Cheese Fries

Well, if loaded with bits of bacon, a crunch of sliced onions, jalapeños, capsicum, and diced tomatoes, topped with layers of sour cream and melted cheese, French fries can become a complete cheat meal! Cheddar and mozzarella go well with fries, and many times using grated cheese that melts when sprinkled atop hot fries works better than cheese sauce, which can turn the crispy fries into a soggy mess.

The cheese used: Mozzarella, Cheddar 

Mozzarella Sticks

This deep-fried snack, literally made by coating sticks of mozzarella in breadcrumbs or a thin coat of batter and deep-frying them in oil, is a richly cheesy number best served hot. The melted cheese with the crisp exterior of the breadcrumbs is a tasty combination that can be enjoyed more with a marinara or sriracha dipping sauce. This dish is actually older than the American version popularised in the 1970s, with the first mention of a cheesy stick appearing in a mediaeval French book.

The cheese used: Mozzarella