7 Specials That You Must Try To Get The Real Taste Of Bhopal
Image Credit: From namak wali chai to paan biryani, Bhopal has got so much for you to relish.

I remember watching a Hindi soap opera with my mother when I was 13-14 years old. I somehow can’t recall the name but I still recall certain dialogues and visuals from the show. Since it coincided with our lunch time at home I would have to sit through the whole thing while my mother and grandmother watched it with utmost concentration. Doesn’t it happen to you too that when you have watched something you are disinterested in for a long time, you suddenly start gaining interest and want to follow-through the whole story? That’s exactly what happened here but the point of telling you all this is that the show was situated in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. 

Now, the protagonist would often meet her on-screen love interest near the Bada Talab and they would spend hours talking to each other, near the lake. It was only later that I discovered that Bhopal is actually known as the City of Lakes, much like Udaipur. These characters would often hog on some lip-smacking street food and I would keep wondering what was on their plate? 

So, here are some specials from the Bhopali fare that will give you the real taste of the famous Chatori Galli of the city. 

1. Dahi Samosa 

The crunchy samosa is traditionally filled with potatoes and enjoyed with imly chutney. The Bhopali version adds a generous amount of yoghurt (dahi) to the flaky snack and garnished with sev to give it a distinct taste. 

2.  Paan Biryani 

We know how popular biryani is in the Indian sub-continent, given the variegated styles of this rice dish that are prepared in different regions. One such special biryani from the heartland of Madhya Pradesh is Paan biryani. Paan is a common feature in most Bhopali households after meals and we are guessing that is the reason behind this unique paan-flavoured rice dish. 

Source: High On Flames/Instagram 

3.  Barfi Rasmalai 

Sounds interesting right? This heavenly dessert is a double treat because it brings together the two most delicious Indian sweets on one plate. A combination of crushed ice, sugar syrup, sweet and creamy rabri, topped with rose water and some colourful fruits, you would love this chilled dessert in the hot summer days. 

Source: Fun Recipes/Instagram 

4.  Mawa Baati 

A close cousin of our favourite gulab jamun, mawa baati is an iconic sweet from Bhopal that cannot be missed. The fried balls of mawa and dunked in a sugar syrup and best eaten when served hot! 

5.  Paya Soup 

The Chatori Galli of Bhopal is known for its lip-smacking street food as much as its non-vegetarian food. While kebabs and biryani are pretty famous, it is their paya soup that is to die for. Paya is a basically the leg of the lamb and this soup cum stew has all the rich flavours of the lamb infused with spices. 

6.  Namak Wali Chai 

You must have heard of Suleimani chai of Kerala? This salty tea is a rendition of the same but has a distinct style and taste. Full of health benefits and a great way to start your day, a cup of this not-so-sweet chai is quite a rage in the city. 

7.  Poha Jalebi 

Poha Jalebi is definitely a staple of the Indori street food scene but it has spread to all parts of Madhya Pradesh now. Bhopalis have also started enjoying their pohas with a sprinkle of sev and piping hot jalebis on the side.