7 Popular Lemon Varieties Found In India
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Lemons, or 'Nimbu,' as they are known in India, are well-known for their energising and sour flavour, which enhances the flavour of every cuisine. Numerous Indian dishes include nimbus as a key ingredient. Also, there is no distinction between lemon and lime. Nimbu refers to all of the types collectively in India to make things a bit simpler.

Nimbu is grown throughout the nation and has several uses. However, the states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Bihar are where lemons are commercially produced. For domestic usage, it is also grown in other states. Since citrus fruits require less care and can grow in almost any soil, lemons are always available in the markets. India proudly grows the most lemons in the world. The lemons are not as large, though, as those from other nations. However, India exports fresh lemons to places like Bangladesh, Thailand, and Japan. Along with being the leading lemon producer in the world, India also boasts many different types of lemon varieties. Here’s the list.

1. Gondhoraj

Bengal is the birthplace of the fragrant lemon type known as Lemon Gandharaj. It can be distinguished from its cousin, the common lemon, by its hard green skin and powerful aroma. Only a thin slice of this fragrant and flavorful ingredient is required to revive any dish. Your immunity will improve if you regularly consume this because it is high in vitamin C and citrus.

2. Pat Nebu

A lemon from Assam with a balanced acidic composition, Pat Nebu is bright, tiny, smooth, and glossy. This lemon is also produced in some regions of Nepal. This lemon variety is a medium-sized lemon with relatively fewer seeds and a delicious scent.

3. Rough Lemon

This is a variety of lemons that grows frequently and is primarily found in North India. These lemons don't have a defined shape, and the majority of them have a rough, harsh exterior. These lemons have less pulp but a pleasant scent thanks to their greenish tint. These lemon types are cultivated haphazardly in undeveloped areas and are used in cleaning, cooking, cosmetics, and DIY cures.

4. Nepali Round

It is okay to get confused by looking at its name. But despite its name, this variety of lemon is grown successfully in South India for years. The Nepali round is very juicy and consists of very less seeds inside it.

5. Mausambi- Sweet Lime

The sweet lime often referred to as mausambi, is a citrusy fruit that is typically produced in southern India. These sweet and low-acidic lime varieties are native to the Malabar and Nilgiri regions. These limes, which are typically consumed as juice or beverage, are generally larger and juicier.

6. Nemu Tenga

The Assamese lemon variety Nemu Tenga comes in two varieties: "Gol Nemu" and "Kazi Nemu." The Kazi Nemu is much juicier than other lemon kinds, while the Gol Nemu is sweet, round, and modest in size. In addition to being widely used for its therapeutic benefits, Kazi Nemu is primarily used in commercial and culinary activities.

7. Genoa Lemon

India is where this variety is grown commercially. These lemons have a considerable amount of juice inside and are oval or oblong in shape. They are also yellow in colour. Because they are juicy, this lemon type is suitable for pickles and marmalades.