Prepare 5 Dishes By Using Lemon As A Key Ingredient
Image Credit: Prepare 5 Dishes By Using Lemon

This is that time of year when we need to take the utmost care of our bodies and health. Yes, we are talking about the summers. It's time to make lemon-based recipes and keep your body and mind relaxed. Lemon is packed with multiple health benefits; this super ingredient is stocked with essential vitamins, minerals, vitamin C, and other antioxidants. You can make various recipes with it, including lemon rice, lemon cake, lemon chicken, and many more. Here are the five best dishes you can make out of lemons. 

1. Lemon Creme Brulee

Ever thought of a lemon dessert? The little cupcake made with custard, the essence of lemon is a delectable dessert you can prepare at home. A perfect cup of sweetness and tanginess, the creme brulee is made with honey, cream, and lemon. It's a great combination of lemon in the form of a cupcake blast. 

2. Lemon Chicken 

Another snack for parties at the dinner table. A lemon chicken is juicy and dazzled with a dash of lemons, spices. You can prepare lemon chicken with veggies like onion, zucchini, and broccoli. Try this version of juicy lemon chicken with tantalizing flavors of lemon. 

3. Lemon Cake

This sponge lemon cake is filled with citrus flavours, combining lemon in the form of cake. Is it something experimental and challenging? Yes, it is. The delicious, fruity lemon aroma makes your dessert perfect.

4. Lemon Pasta

Have you tried lemon pasta? No then try to add lemon juice or zest in your pasta, spaghetti, or penne. This makes your sauce delicious and classic with a twist of lemon juice mist in your mouth. The lemon pasta is perfect for romantic date nights with your partner. 

5. Lemon Rice 

It’s a staple dish with the touch of south Indian cuisine. For making this, you can use leftover white rice and give a twist of lemon. You can also prepare this dish using lemon drops/zest, coriander, curry leaves, peanuts, and essential spices. Hurray! Your spicy lemon rice is ready!