7 Breakfast Recipes With Leftover Boiled Chicken

Imagine having chicken for dinner, and you are left with a lot of leftover boiled chicken. What would you do? Instead of worrying about what can be done, you should feel elated because breakfast is sorted. The first step, which is boiling chicken, is already done, and the next morning, you just have to use it in your recipes to make a protein-rich meal. 

Video Credit: Chugli TV/ YouTube

The advantage of having boiled chicken in your kitchen is it reduces preparation and cooking time for breakfast. Thus, you don’t have to hurry to the kitchen while stressing about getting late to work. You can wake up a little late, enjoy your morning, make a hearty breakfast, and leave for work. From wraps to omelettes, many of the ideas mentioned below are a quick grab-and-go for working professionals. 

Chicken-Vegetable Omelette

Once you try a chicken-vegetable omelette, it will become your go-to option not just for breakfast but also for lunch and dinner. After eating this, you will ensure that your kitchen always has boiled chicken in store. Start by sauteing vegetables, including bell peppers, spinach, onions, and carrots. Add either diced or shredded boiled chicken to the mix of spices, veggies, and salt to taste. Pour your beaten eggs, and as the mixture starts to come together, load it with cheese. 

Chicken Hash

Chicken hash is like small patties for breakfast. You can enjoy this dish on the go or pack them to have breakfast in the office. It is crispy, flavourful, and healthy. Saute the chicken with vegetables like carrots, potatoes, bell peppers, and onions. Once the ingredients turn golden brown and crispy, lay them on the play and top with either poached or fried egg on the top.

Chicken Burrito

There is nothing heartier than grabbing a delicious and fulfilling burrito wrap before heading for a big meeting. If you have boiled chicken and tortilla wraps in the refrigerator, half of your meal preparation is done. Shred the chicken and saute it with vegetables of your choice, like cabbage, onions, bell peppers, and spinach. Add spreads of tortilla wraps, vegetables, shredded chicken, scrambled eggs, and cheese. Toast the wrap and enjoy it hot with salsa.

Chicken-Avocado Toast

If you are running late, you will thank your stars that you have leftover boiled chicken in the refrigerator. Using these ingredients, you can quickly make avocado toast and leave for work. While you saute shredded chicken with salt to taste, red chilli powder, and black pepper, mash avocado in a bowl. Meanwhile, toast the bread slices, and keep tomato slices ready. Assemble the toast with mashed avocado, shredded chicken, and slices of tomatoes. Enjoy this delicious breakfast.

Chicken Quesadillas

If you think that burrito wrap might require you to work more, make quesadillas. These wraps are cheesy, crunchy, and yummy. Start with a spread on the base of tortilla wraps, and add a layer of shredded boiled chicken, boiled black beans, scrambled eggs, and cheese. Top it with another tortilla wrap and cook until both sides are brown and crispy. Cut triangular slices and enjoy.

Chicken-Spinach Wrap

This breakfast recipe must be on the top of your list because it is packed with protein as well as iron. While you saute shredded boiled chicken, saute spinach in some chopped garlic and red chilli powder. Assemble the wrap by spreading mayonnaise and topping it with shredded chicken, spinach, sliced avocado, and a drizzle of your favourite sauce. Enjoy this wrap in your car.

Chicken-Spinach Frittata

There is no better combination than chicken and spinach if you want to start your mornings with a healthy meal. Keep a mixture of eggs, milk, salt to taste, and black pepper ready, while your shredded boiled chicken is sauteing along with spinach in a skillet. Once the chicken is golden brown and the spinach has reduced in amount, pour in the egg mixture. Cook both sides until brown and crispy.