7 Bhaat Dishes From India That Are Too Yummy To Resist
Image Credit: Simintini Patil/facebook

The beauty of Indian cuisine lies in the authentic flavours of traditional ingredients, be it aromatic spices, local herbs or seasonal vegetables. The method of cooking also contributes to the delectable taste of the dish. With bright colours and strong flavours, Indian food is considered to be on the top in the list of global cuisine.  

The regional cuisines of the country are the main reason for diversity and versatility in Indian cooking. Each of the popular dish has a unique variation from region to region that highly depends upon the availability of cooking ingredients, bath or bhaat is one such dish. Made with rice, vegetables and spices this comforting delicacy is usually relished in lunch as well dinner. 

Here are seven bath dishes from across India that you must try: 

1. Bisi Bele Bath 

Originating in Karnataka, this spicy dish is made with lentils, rice, mixed vegetables and flavourful spices. The term ‘bisi bele bath’ means ‘hot lentil rice dish’. It has a slightly tangy flavour that comes from an aromatic spice powder known as bisi bele bath powder. This hearty and wholesome meal can also be made in the instant pot.  

2. Masale Bhaat 

Masale bhat is a traditional rice-based dish from western India that is made with a variety of vegetables. This spicy dish gets its flavour from a special spice blend known as goda masala. This one-pot meal is also gluten-free and is very popular in Maharashtra. 

3. Vangi Bath 

Vangi bath means brinjal rice that is a common meal in the state of Maharashtra and Karnataka. The taste of both the regional recipes is different from each other which is due to the ingredients and spices used in cooking. Vangi bath is slightly spiced and is best served with raita and papad. 

4. Kesari Bath 

Kesari bath has two versions, one is made from rice and another uses semolina as the main ingredient. Apart from rice, milk ghee and saffron are also used in cooking kesari bath. It is a sweet dish that is very popular in Karnataka and is specially made during the festival of Ugadi. 

5. Tomato Bath 

This aromatic and spicy one pot meal is cooked with tomatoes, coconut, peas and spices. It is a staple in Karnataka which uses herbs to enhance the flavour. It is simple and can be prepared with vegetables as well. Tomato bath can also be packed in the lunchbox. 

6. Chow Chow Bath 

Chow chow bath is a combination of three different dishes, namely rava bath, khara bath and coconut chutney. It is mainly prepared for breakfast or brunch. This wholesome meal of Karnataka cuisine is super filling and has both sweet and savoury flavours.  

7. Panta Bhat 

Also known as poita bhat, this simple yet delicious dish consists of cooked rice fermented in water overnight. It is usually served with salt, onion, chilli and aloo bhorta. Panta bhat is specially made on the day of Pahela Baishakh. It is considered to be more nutritious than normal rice. 

Make these delicious bath recipes at home and enjoy.