6 Reasons To Use Orange Seeds Instead Of Throwing Them Away
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Cherished for their sweet flavour and slightly acidic texture, oranges are among one of the most universally beloved fruits. Being highly versatile, they find application in host of culinary creations, such as juices, desserts, salads, and more. However, before using oranges in their drinks or dishes, most people tend to deseed them; this means they remove the orange seeds and throw them away.

Explore the advantages of retaining orange seeds instead of throwing them away. Like oranges, orange seeds too offer some vital health benefits, which include boosting immunity and increasing energy levels. Orange seeds are non-toxic, and therefore, perfectly safe to consume. Beyond health-based reasons, these seeds can also be utilised in cosmetics and as cleaning agents.

Here’s a list of benefits associated with orange seeds.

Promote Bone Growth

According to a 2016 article entitled “Food Application of Orange Seed Powder through Incorporation in Wheat Flour to Boost Vitamin and Mineral Profiles of Formulated Biscuits,” published in the International Journal of Food Science, orange seeds are a powerful source of calcium. Therefore, they help boost bone growth and development in children as well as pregnant women. Calcium derived from orange seeds also helps improve oral health.

Boost Immunity

Orange seeds are packed with essential nutrients, such as vitamin C, which have been found to shield the body from cancer-causing free radicals, thus, building up the body’s immunity to chronic illnesses. Additionally, per the aforementioned article published in the International Journal of Food Science, these seeds are rich in minerals like zinc and iron, both of which are known for their immunity-boosting capacities.

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Aid Blood Circulation

The high calcium and iron content present in orange seeds potentially helps increase healthy blood circulation and blood flow. As a result, the occurrence of blood-related ailments, such as anaemia, known to stem from iron deficiency, are drastically reduced. Therefore, it’s especially beneficial for women to consume orange seeds as statistics suggest that they are more likely to suffer from iron deficiency.

Increase Energy Levels

Orange seeds are teeming with linoleic acid, which, per an article entitled “Linoleic Acid” published in the journal Advances in Nutrition, help human cells preserve energy for longer periods of time. Orange seeds also comprise palmitic acid and oleic acid, both of which are known to be natural energy boosters. In this way, the three fatty acids combine to load orange seeds with powerful energy-boosting properties.

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Serve As a Flavouring Essence

Essential oil derived from orange seeds can be used for multiple purposes. For instance, it can be used to flavour water, cakes, as well as a host of other foods. This oil can also be incorporated into a diffuser to fill one’s home with an invigorating and a citrusy aroma. Similarly, this oil can be used for bathing; just add some oil to the water in a bathtub to enjoy a relaxing and fragrant bath.

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Strengthen Hair

Orange seeds are abundant in vitamin C and bio-flavonoids; these substances spur blood circulation to the scalp, which helps strengthen hair. Orange seeds are also rife with folic acid, which boosts healthy hair growth and fortifies the hair right from the roots. That’s why oil derived from orange seeds is a vital ingredient in many respected shampoos and conditioners.