7 Unique Orange Dishes To Try This Winter Season
Image Credit: Pixabey

If you are a fan of oranges, exploring this kind of dish might be one of your favourite go-to choices this winter because aside from oranges eaten as a fruit, it can also be incorporated into dishes which are delicious with a zesty and sweet flavour.

The tangy flavour from the orange makes it a perfect fruit to incorporate in dishes with a lemonish zingy flavour. The sour taste of the orange can perfectly complement the sweet flavour of any dessert or dish, enhancing and making a dining experience unique. One can also have oranges with favourite dishes to complement the spices with a sweet, zesty hint. 

Having an orange dish in winter feels like home, and the sweet, zesty aroma from the dishes enriches the soul. You definitely need to try out these orange dishes this winter to elevate your taste buds and make you feel like a warm hug. 

Various kinds of sides can go by the orange dishes, such as nuts and fried vegetables as a side. The orange dishes listed below can be well paired with sides of white rice, or chapatis. Why wait when you can have unusual dishes at your dinner table which will completely mesmerise you? Keep reading!

1. Santre Ka Halwa: Have you ever eaten in santre ka halwa? If not, then you are missing out on a very precious desert. Santre ka halwa is made with semolina and orange juice together, giving it a very zesty and tangy taste. It is very sweet and sour at the same time, with a hint of cardamom and saffron. 

2. Komola Phoolkopi: The dish is very delightful and beautifully prepared in the Bengali kitchen. It is very flavourful and one can add lots of green onions to garnish it with coriander. The dish is very spicy to taste and increases the sadness. One can also add lots of lemon just and lemon juice to it. One can also fry the cauliflower to enhance the taste, giving it a charred flavour. It goes perfectly with rice and roti.

3. Orange Rasam: If you are looking to give a South Indian flavour to your orange dish, then make sure to try this out, as it is the perfect blend of rasam with oranges with beautiful ingredients and dry fruits. It can be eaten with lots of rice, topped with ghee and chapati of your choice, to elevate the taste. You can also add coconut flakes to enhance the flavours and temper it with spices of your choice.

4. Orange Chicken: Why not add two of your favourites in one dish by adding chicken and oranges together? Orange glaze can be bought from the stores readymade or can be made by intensifying the orange pulp, taking out the juices and adding it with sugar. It is one of the most popular dishes that you can try with a side of fried vegetables, and it can be topped with dry fruits to enhance the taste. 

5. Blood Orange Sorbet: Blood orange is also a kind of exotic fruit, which is red in pulp, and it tastes sweeter than regular orange. You can turn it into a very flavourful drink by adding lots of hot honey topped with ice cubes and a little bit of mint leaves, making a refreshing drink. It can be served anytime as a snack or as a meal, with the side of choice preferred. 

6. Orange Chocolate Mousse: Everyone loves a good dessert, and everyone loves the tangy flavour of oranges. Why not add together to make a very beautiful chocolate mousse with a zesty flavour? You can also add flakes of oranges and lots of whipped cream to enhance the taste of the desert. It also goes well with black coffee. 

7. Sweet Orange Chutney: If you love to taste different kinds of chutneys, then make sure to try sweet orange chutney with lots of tangy and zesty flavour to it. Brown sugar is added for the sweetness, but you can still feel a lot of sour notes in the chutney, making it a perfect combo. It is best served with papad or dal and rice.