5 Must-Try Varieties of Oranges
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Our first choice when we're craving something citrusy is usually an orange. Its tart and sweet flavour quickly calms our cravings. It also finds its way into a number of drinks and desserts. 

Oranges come in a variety of forms in India, each with special qualities of its own. You will get some that are brighter in colour than others, and some can differ in size. And choosing one to purchase for them can get pretty confusing when shopping. Oranges will once again find their way into the kitchen now that winter has arrived. So let's go over some common varieties you should be aware of before you go shopping for them.

Whether you fancy the zesty tang or crave the sweetness of the tropics, these oranges showcase the diversity and richness of India's citrus heritage.

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1. Nagpur

This selection of orange is native to Nagpur, Maharashtra. It is one of the most popular kinds in the nation and is frequently referred to as the "king of oranges." They are prized for their outstanding sweetness, rich quality, and vivid orange colour. The best thing about them is that they are perfect for snacking because they have no seeds. They are among the most popular types of orange in India due to the combination of all these factors.

2. Kinnow

Kinnow oranges are another widely consumed variety in India. During the wintertime, they are primarily produced in the states of Punjab and Haryana. For their cultivation, the cold weather offers ideal climatic conditions. The ideal way through which you can savour the sweet and tangy flavour of Kinnow oranges is by making juice. You can prepare it freshly at home or even purchase it from street vendors around the city.

3. Coorg

Not only does North India have its own distinct orange variety, but so does the southern portion of the nation. They are native to the Karnataka region of Coorg and are also referred to as Coorg mandarin. In comparison to other varieties, these oranges are comparatively smaller in size. However, don't judge them by their size because they are very juicy and smell delicious. They are therefore a popular option for producing jams, preserves, and marmalades.

4. Mudkhed

In Maharashtra, mudkhed oranges are also highly sought after in addition to Nagpur oranges. The area of the state where they are grown is where they got their name. These oranges have a bright orange colour and are usually medium in size. Their flesh is tender and juicy, and they look good too. They are also delicious as a light snack or as a flavorful juice. You'll adore its flavour in either case.

5. Khasi Blood

Khasi blood oranges originate from the Northeastern India. Their remarkable colour difference makes them extremely unique. If you're thinking about why they're called 'blood'. It's due to how identical their deep red hues are to one another. They are highly valued for both their eye-catching appearance and their delicious, tart flavour. Khasi blood oranges are a fantastic way to add colour to foods, salads, and beverages.