6 Odia Non-Veg Dishes You Need To Include In An Authentic Odia Thali

If you ever get a chance to meet an Odia, just mention food and watch him/her/them talk about it endlessly. But we can’t blame them. After all, how can a person hailing from the state with a wide array of delicious dishes keep calm? For the rest of the world, a week has seven days with distinct names. But for Odias a week is divided into two parts- “Sada Dina” (Veg eating days) and “Amisa Dina” (non-veg eating days). By now you must have known the relationship that Odias have with non-veg food. From the pungent Sukhua to the spicy Mutton Jhola, Odia non-veg cuisine is an amalgam of tempting flavours, textures and aroma. We know you are already on pins and needles to try these Odia delicacies now. What’s better than having an Odia lunch on a sunny day? So, we have curated six authentic Odia non-veg dishes that you can include in your Odia Thali.

Machha Besara 

Do we even need to give an introduction to this delicacy? Machha Besara (fish cooked in mustard gravy) has managed to tug at every Odia’s heartstrings. 

Mutton Jhola 

There isn’t a Sunday when an Odia house doesn’t zing with the aroma of Mutton Jhola (Mutton curry). Ask Odias about the favourite lunch platter and we bet the answer will be “Usuna Bhata aau Mutton Jhola”. 

Sukhua Rai 

You may think that anchovies have a bad smell and a pungent taste but never even dare to say this in front of an Odia. Because for them Sukhua (anchovies) are the best comfort food in the world. 

Chingudi Sukhua Chura 

Perfect with Pakhala, Chingudi Sukhua Chura or spiced dried shrimp is one of the absolute favourites. And what’s better than a dish that’s delicious and can be made with just 8 ingredients?

Chicken Tarkari

We know non-veg lovers drool over any chicken dish but trust us when we say this- Odia Chicken Tarkari is one of the best chicken curries one can ever relish.  

Chingudi Besara 

Do we even need to mention that mustard paste is a staple in Odia households? Chingudi Besara is made by cooking prawns in mustard gravy and is all things rustic and delicious. 

Ah, we know you are already drooling. So, why wait? Try making an Odia Thali at home today itself.