6 Indian Foods That Are Loved Across The World
Image Credit: Pexels.com

Indian cuisine is known for its majestic spices, exquisite flavour, and rich taste within the country and around the globe. This is why you can easily find authentic Indian restaurants in different countries. Inspired by the global love for desi delicacies, we have listed some of the most popular Indian dishes that have made their presence felt worldwide.


South Indian food has rapidly spread its roots all over the world. While many places serve south Indian food exclusively, most Indian restaurants abroad serve basic rice flour idlis and dosas. Soft, steamed idlis are incredibly healthy and taste great with coconut chutney and sambhar. Crispy fried dosa is a favourite snack and can be made with practically any gravy. Although traditionally made with coconut, the chutney can be spiced up with onions, tomatoes, chillies and coriander.


Have you ever thought that one of India's most famous street food and people's favourite snack can rob the hearts of all the food lovers across the world? Chaat is a mixture of fried papdi, curd, potatoes, tangy spices and some vegetables. This dish is most loved in nooks and corners worldwide, especially Britain. Its simplicity and versatility make it a successful dish. You may not believe it, but chaat is liked as a delicious snack in many other countries, including Britain.


A popular Indian snack, samosa has made its way into many gatherings and parties and has become a favourite tea companion. However, nobody can tell for sure when this humble concoction of crunchy fried dough stuffed with mashed peppery potatoes went international. These little dough pockets can be filled with practically anything that suits your taste buds. So dip them in spicy coriander, green chilli or tamarind chutney and enjoy this dish to the fullest.


It's one of the most famous street food. The dish consists of a hollow, round puri, deep-fried crepe stuffed with potatoes, onions, chickpeas with tamarind sauce, chaat masala, and flavoured water. It is usually served cold, and its taste is so excellent that the name makes the mouth water. This street food of India has become a part of food stores abroad and is one of the most preferred food items.


Kofta can be made from vegetables like gourd or cabbage, ranging from mild to very spicy. Cooked in a gravy of tomatoes, cream and spices, the balls are soaked in flavours and eaten with roti or rice. Originally a Punjabi dish, its opulent appeal has been embraced by many people worldwide, making it their favourite dish.


Chole is another scrumptious Indian dish best served with bhature or kulcha. Mainly from Punjab, this food became a sensation in the world in a short period, and you can easily find this dish in the menu of restaurants abroad.

These apart, other well-loved Indian dishes added to menus abroad include palak paneer, dal makhani and biryani.