6 Easy Tips To Get The Perfect Punjabi Restaurant Style Rajma
Image Credit: Punjabi-Style Rajma | Image Credit: Freepik.com

Whenever we talk of North Indian delicacy, apart from Butter Chicken, what comes to our mind is Rajma. It is one of the most loved dishes and tastes extraordinarily delicious when paired with aromatic Basmati rice. Rajma is eaten as a side dish in most households at lunch or dinner and leaves us in awe every time.  

Considered the comfort food of many households, there are various types of Rajma as well as different types of recipes. Be it Lal Rajma, Chitra, and Jammu, there is a diverse range of recipes based on each Indian family. However, the most common of all is the Punjabi-style Rajma. Today, we will yield you the simple method of creating this delicious Rajma recipe.  

Before delving into the methods, let's check out some of the crucial points of Rajma: 

Rajma Varieties  

  • Lal Rajma  

Also known as Red Kidney Beans, it is the most commonly used Rajma in Indian households. Food enthusiasts love the vibrant red colour and creamy texture of this Rajma. It has a rich, earthy flavour that absorbs the spices and flavours of the dishes.  

  • Chitra Rajma  

It is popular for its unique appearance. Chitra Rajma or Speckled Kidney Beans showcase speckles on its light, pinkish-red skin, adding a visual pleasure to the Rajma. It offers a slightly nutty flavour and a creamy texture that complements the spices and the gravies.  

  • Jammu Rajma  

As the name suggests, this variety of Rajma hails from Jammu in North India. It is small, dark red kidney beans that have a rich, meaty taste that adds depth and complexity to the Rajma dishes.   

Here are six essential tips for perfecting your Rajma dish:  

  • Softening Rajma  

One of the most crucial steps is to attain the tenderness of Rajma. For soft and flavourful Rajma, soak them overnight or 5-6 hours before cooking. Cook the Rajma in a pressure cooker over low heat for approximately 20-30 minutes or until 5 to 6 whistles.  

  • Technique Of Boiling Rajma  

When boiling Rajma, avoid using the water in which it was soaked. Rather use fresh water. Ideally, you should always use double the amount of water as compared to the Rajma quantity. For example: If you’re adding 1 cup of Rajma, add 2 or 2 ½ cups of fresh water. Remember to add a pinch of salt to enhance the flavour of the Rajma while boiling.  

  • Slow Cook For Optimal Result  

After counting two whistles while boiling Rajma, reduce the flame and allow it to cook for 15 to 20 minutes. This slow cooking contributes to soft and mushy Rajma, imparting a perfect texture to the dish.  

  • Balancing Onions And Tomatoes  

After the Rajma is boiled, it is combined with onion-tomato gravy. It is crucial to maintain the right balance between these two ingredients. For instance: If you’re using 3 onions in the gravy, add 4 tomatoes to it. The combination lends a tangy taste to the Rajma, elevating the whole dish.  

  • Utilize Lukewarm Water  

While preparing the gravy, it is advisable to use lukewarm water. This allows the spices to be sauteed until the oil separates and flavours are fully developed. Some unknowingly use cold water, which in turn hampers the proper frying of the dishes.  

  • Mixing Rajma With The Masala  

After the spices are cooked well and the oil separates, gently put the Rajma into the masala and ensure it blends well with the flavours. To enhance the richness of the gravy, lightly mash a portion of the Rajma using a ladle. After adding the Rajma to the spices, cook over low flame for about 15 minutes. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves. Your Punjabi-style Rajma is ready.