Fusion Cooking: From Rajma Croquettes To Fried Rajma Chawal Bites
Image Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/CbxUqgnjWpH/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link. Rajma.

Rajma has become synonymous with comfort food for every foodie. Whether you’re going through a breakup or stressed about an appraisal, a tempting plate of Rajma Chawal soothes all the fuss. However, over time, eating rajma again and again can get overwhelming. If you’re bored of eating the simple version of rajma with rice for the 100th time, you’re in for some exposure to fusion cooking. Food bloggers and chefs from various regions inIndia have been trying to spice up simple dishes to keep the palates of the average desi engrossed. Playing with food sometimes leads to wonderful new discoveries. The versatility of rajma is proven by the many fusion snacks and bites it can be converted into. How many of these have you tried at home?

Rajma Croquettes

A croquette is a ball of filling and is usually rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried. The origin of croquette is traced back to France. Rajma croquettes are made by kneading various ingredients like sautéed ginger, green chillies, cashew nuts, raisins with a mixture of rajma and bread (ground together) and making it into a dough. They are then coated with bread crumbs and deep fried. One can sprinkle chat masala on the Rajma croquettes and enjoy with ketchup! These are the perfect snacks for a dinner party.  

If you’re unimpressed by the rajma croquettes and are in the mood for a tad more fusion, you need to try the Rajma Chawal bites! It’s super easy to make this snack and a good way of using leftover Rajma Chawal. All you have to do is mix rajma and chawal in a bowl and make sure the gravy is not too wet. You can use breadcrumbs as a binding agent for the rajma rice. Take a small mixture of rajma rice in your hand and flatten it. Add a very small ball of cheese in between and then cover the edges and form a ball. Heat oil and add the rajma chawal balls into the pan and once done frying, enjoy your rajma chawal fritters.

Rajma Sandwich

Rajma is rich in magnesium and is a great source of plant-based protein. Therefore, putting it in your sandwich will not only lend taste to the sandwich, it’ll also boost the snack on the nutritional scale. Preparing a rajma sandwich is easier than it sounds. To make your sandwich, boil the rajma and mash it. Sauté curry leaves, ginger and onions and add some chilli powder, garam masala and roasted cumin powder. Add salt and mix in the mashed rajma. Cook the mixture for a bit and put it aside. Butter your bread and add the prepared rajma mixture on it. Sprinkle in some cheese and close the bread with another slice. Cook both the sides of the sandwich for 30 seconds on the pan and you’re done.  

This is how rajma can be used in a fun way to make interesting snacks and fusion dishes aplenty. Let us know which rajma fusion snack is your favourite!