Beyond Rajma Chawal; Dishes You Can Make With Rajma
Image Credit: Rajma Kebab/ Instagram- theflavourtrailbydivya

Nothing can brighten our day like a hearty supper of rajma chawal. Our souls are sufficiently satisfied by the flavorful rajma with thick gravy, served with rice or roti. Even while we adore rajma masala prepared in the Indian style, enjoying it on the same day might not be as tempting. We frequently prepare a great quantity of rajma with the expectation of eating it all at once. We can only eat so much, though. The waste of our cherished rajma is heartbreaking. However, you might not have to allow it to happen. For your next supper, prepare more intriguing meals with the same delectable rajma.

Here's what you can make with leftover boiled Rajma-

1. Rajma Kebabs

A  mixture of fiery spices and kidney beans wrapped in gramme flour before being deep-fried to a stunning brown. Serve your loved ones these wonderful rajma kebabs to win them over. The recipe for rajma galouti kebab makes the ideal party appetiser. Additionally, we can prepare this for kid-friendly snacks. Rajma kebab can be packed within a wrap, eaten as a burger patty, or served with green chutney.

2. Rajma Chaat

Rajma chaat is a delectable chaat recipe. It consists of different veggies, boiled rajma, spices and a tangy twist of lemon. All you have to do is add some chopped onions, tomatoes, green chillies, cucumber and boiled corn. Mix some spices like salt, pepper, jeera powder and red chillies. Top it up with some lemon juice and coriander leaves and you are good to go. It is a nutritious and delicious chaat that will startle your taste buds.

3. Rajma Burrito

Red kidney beans, which are high in protein, as well as a lot of salad and whole-wheat wraps, make them incredibly healthy, while cheese spread and mustard sauce make kids quite pleased. Red kidney beans and a few Indian spice powders make up the stuffing. The rajma mixture is then placed in the centre of the tortilla after the tortilla has been spread with some tomato sauce and mayonnaise. The tortilla is then covered with some shredded vegetables, including carrot, cabbage, tomato, and onions, and folded into a cylindrical shape.

4. Rajma Tacos

Red kidney beans and lettuce tacos are a very simple variation without any fancy additions. Small hard shell tacos around the size of a hand that is stuffed with protein and include only onion, tomato, cilantro, and lime wedges as toppings. You can also add some grated cheese and sauces of your choice to amp up the flavour. Chopped green chillies are the perfect way to increase its Fieriness. You can also make soft tacos with the filling and add the ingredients of your choice. 

Rajma Tacos/ Instagram- madhunahata76