Delicious Dinner Dishes To Make Using Rajma
Image Credit: Unsplash

Many Indians, particularly Punjabis, frequently turn to rajma and rice as a source of comfort. The rajma's soft and chewy texture, together with the mildly spiced tomato onion gravy and steamed rice, keeps our bellies full and makes a nutritious meal at any time of the day. But did you know that rajma originated in South America and was brought to India by traders from Peru a couple of hundred years ago? Rajma has since become a national favourite of Indians all over the country.

Rajma is available all year long and is often made from dry beans that have been soaked overnight before being pressure cooked or fried to make them mushy. Rajma has a wide range of health advantages that should persuade us all to include it in our diets. Here is a list of dinner dishes that you can make with rajma:

1. Instant pot rajma

Indian kidney beans are prepared in a buttery, soft curry with an onion and tomato base. Cooking kidney beans in an instant pot is undoubtedly the simplest method.

In many North Indian homes, rajma chawal is close to being an emotion. This is most likely one of those dinners that is associated with Sunday customs. Other than rajma, this dish only requires very minimal ingredients.

The greatest accompaniments to this kidney bean curry are some simple steamed rice or a bowl of steaming hot jeera rice, and cool boondi raita. This can also be served with a little side salad such as a carrot, cucumber, and radish salad.

2. Rajma and oats cutlet

This dish is a perfect appetiser for parties. Cooked rajma beans, oats, potatoes, and spices are needed for this dish. The patties are made and shallow-fried. You may make it delicious and healthy by using either ordinary or masala oats, both of which are sold in markets.

3. Rajma sandwich

A spicy rajma masala filling is used in the grilled Rajma masala sandwich, a fusion sandwich meal. Try this mouthwatering sandwich if you are bored of the usual aloo masala. It is a very convenient dish to make and at the same time, extremely filling. Serve with some tomato sauce or any chutney that you prefer.

4. Rajma wrap

Given that it is a filling dish, the chatpata rajma wrap is a nutritious option that you can enjoy at any time of the day. Simply roll the filling inside a roti, top it with your choice of dressing, such as curd or pudina chutney, and serve the kids instead of serving them chapati and rajma sabzi. If you enjoy the tangy taste, top the wrap with some tamarind chutney for a mouthwatering meal.

5. Rajma kebab

You must prepare this makhmali rajma kebab recipe if you want to serve a tasty and nutritious appetiser at your party. This kebab is made with soft-boiled red kidney beans that melt in your mouth and is a high protein, vegetarian option. Serve makhmali rajma kebab to your guests along with dhaniya-pudina chutney.

6. Galouti rajma kebab

Galouti kebab is meat dish made with mutton, but with a little creativity, it can also be made with virtually any bean, including rajma. These mouth-watering kebabs are flavoured with rose water, almonds, and paneer. Together with potatoes and paneer, the softly cooked rajma creates a dish that practically melts in your mouth.

7. Rajma aloo cutlet

If you have cooked beans leftover after making rajma sabzi, you can use them to make a delightful patty by mashing them with aloo and spices, shallow frying them, and serving them with a tangy chutney like tamarind chutney.