6 Dishes To Make With Kathal At Home This Summer
Image Credit: Pexels

Kathal, or jackfruit, is a South Asian tropical fruit that is widely popular in the summer season. Even though kathal is a fruit, it is cooked and eaten as a part of many traditional Indian dishes like biryani, kebab, curry, and a lot more. Thanks to its naturally sweet flavour profile, it is also used in making the Indian dessert kathal ka halwa.

Not just the flavour but the meaty texture of kathal gives vegetarians and vegans a substitute that they can savour. So, if you are looking for some delicious and healthy vegetarian options to cook at home, here are six different dishes that would suit the Indian palette. Read on and get cooking!

Kathal Biryani

Biryani is a traditional Indian dish that usually boasts non-vegetarian components like meat, chicken, mutton, etc. But with Kathal, even vegetarians and vegans can get a similar texture without including the meat. Just the way in biryani, the meat is marinated, you can marinate kathal pieces in curd and spices and cook with the choicest rice and vegetables. It can then be enjoyed with raita and a green chutney.

Kathal Ki Sabzi

Kathal ki sabzi is by far the most popular way for jackfruit to be cooked in Indian households. To prepare the dish, you can chop and boil kathal pieces. Then, by adding some chopped onions and tomatoes with a mix of your favourite spices, you can make this flavourful pot of sabzi. Garnished with cilantro, you can enjoy it hot with a freshly prepared roti or paratha.

Kathal Achaar

Achaar, or pickle, is the favourite sider that can be found in air-tight containers at every typical Indian dining table or kitchen. Kathal ka achaar is known for its tangy and spicy flavour that can be paired with any and all Indian-based dishes. To make kathal ka achaar, you’ll need to take bite-sized pieces of tender kathal and mix them well in mustard oil and Indian spices. Let the flavours be incorporated in the kathal pieces while you let it slow cook in sunlight.

Kathal Kebab

Kebabs are another classic Indian snack that is usually enjoyed as a side to biryani. You can either shallow fry them in a pan or grill them to make the most of a barbecue. To make these mouth-watering snacks, you can start by boiling and mashing kathal and mixing it with spices, finely chopped onion, flour, and a little water to bind all the ingredients. Then you can take small portions and grill or fry them to make crispy kathal kebabs.

Kathal Curry

Kathal curry is a South Indian delicacy that has a range of flavours. You can make the sumptuous curry by frying mustard seeds, curry leaves and red chillies till you get their aroma. Next, add chopped kathal, ginger, garlic and your go-to spices. Then, cook all the ingredients in coconut milk till you get a creamy consistency. Finally, you can enjoy the kathal curry with rice or a roti.

Kathal Ka Halwa

Lastly, a dessert! Kathal ka halwa is a sweet dish that boasts its natural sweetness. To make this mouth-drooling dessert, you need to take grated kathal and cook it on low flame in ghee. After a few minutes, add some milk, sugar, and cardamom powder and let it simmer till you get a uniform mixture. Now, all that’s left is adding some chopped dry fruits on top and diving right in!