There’s something about jackfruit that can divide a room in two. There are fans and then there are some who just do not understand this gigantic fruit, that can also be cooked and used as a popular meat-substitute! You heard us, Jackfruit or kathal’s biggest claim to fame is the rich texture it obtains after cooking, that is somewhat similar to that of chicken. The sub-tropical fruit is one of the widely exported fruits of the world. A member of the Morocae family, jackfruit is the largest tree-borne fruit of the world, with each fruit weighing up to 10-20 kilograms. The fruit has three parts: the green and spiky outer skin, the fleshy, yellowish-white bulbs and the core. It is usually grown and cultivated in places with warmer climate such as India, Malaysia, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Australia and some parts of Africa. Over the past few years, Jackfruit has become a sensation of sorts, especially among vegans and fitness enthusiasts. Jackfruit burgers, jackfruit chips and many such snacks have hit the culinary scene by storm. Here are some of the benefits of the fruit you may not have known.  
1. Good for constipation
 Jackfruit is loaded with fibre. Eating fibre regularises your bowel movements. It makes passing stool easier, and thus is an excellent option for those struggling with indigestion or IBS. 
2. Diabetes Control
Jackfruit has a very low Glycaemic Index- which is essential a means to measure the blood sugar spike after you ingest anything. Foods with Glycaemic Index below 55, are considered low Glycaemic Index food. These foods help keep your blood sugar spikes in control.  
3. Keep Blood Pressure in check
Jackfruit is a very good source of potassium. Potassium helps negate the adverse effects of sodium. Excess sodium intake is linked with high blood pressure.  
4. Good For Skin
The tropical wonder is a very good source of vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that helps prevent damage caused by free radical activity. Vitamin C is also known to boost production of collagen, a tissue that helps keep our skin taut.  
5.Weight Loss Benefits
Fibre tends to slow down the digestion, which makes you stay satiated for a longer spell. If you are feeling full, you would naturally keep away from snacking on unhealthy food.