6 Delicacies You Must Try On Your Trip To Tamil Nadu
Image Credit: Source: Soulo Traveller/Facebook

Tamil Nadu cuisine is as old as time. The cuisine is full of delicious dishes attracting millions of foodies worldwide. Each dish is a melange of flavours, legends and culture. If you plan to visit the state anytime soon, here are six dishes to add to your bucket list. 

Kari Dosai 

Unlike regular dosa, Kari Dosai has three layers- the bottom being a regular dosa, the middle being an omelette and the topmost layer being minced meat. 

Dindigul Biryani 

Unlike regular biryani, this South Indian variant is made with small-grain rice. The secret behind this dish's distinct taste and flavour is the local lamb used to make this biryani. The restaurant serving this speciality was based in Dindigul, and hence, the dish derives its name from the place. 

Vada Curry 

Served with idli, idiyappam and dosa, vada curry is made of coarse bits of dal vada in a flavourful curry. Legend has it that this dish is made with leftover vada pieces to reduce wastage. The delicious dish is served at many restaurants in Chennai. 

Sakkarai Pongal 

A quintessential festive delicacy, Sakkarai Pongal is made with jaggery, green gram and rice. The dish is enriched with the flavour and aroma of camphor. This makes the dish a classic and one of the favourite dishes in the state. 

Idiyappam Paya 

Idiyappam is a humble, subtly-tasting and delicious South Indian dish. When paired with flavoursome and aromatic leaves, this dish you gobsmacked for good. The paya is cooked with mutton trotters and is filled with nutrition, taste and aroma. 


Considered to have developed during the rule of the Chola dynasty, Adhirasam is an age-less sweetmeat of Tamil Nadu. The dish is a rich melange of jaggery and rice and is deep-fried to perfection before serving. Although the sweet is quite delicious, it is hard to crack. The dish requires time, hard work and skill to cook it perfectly. 

To relish these indulgent dishes, visit Anna Nagar in Chennai. Then, you can try them at home with the detailed recipes embedded here.