6 Breakfast Burrito Ideas For A Hearty Kick-Start To Your Day

Imagine having a rushed or lethargic morning. It gives you an excuse to either skip breakfast or have a quick one with cereals or cornflakes. While the options might be healthy, they can quickly make you hungry. To give your mornings a kick-start, you need wholesome breakfast ideas among which a breakfast burrito is a delight. 

Video Credit: Meghna's Food Magic/ YouTube

Packed with vegetables, meat, and sauces, a burrito wrap allows you to explore a variety of fillings to make it align with the flavours you like. It can boast a subtle sweetness, spicy notes, and tanginess, depending on the filling you choose to make. It hardly takes a minute to prepare the wrap and less than 30 minutes to prepare the filling. Here are a few breakfast burrito ideas that you should consider.

California Breakfast Burrito

If you can’t do without eggs in the morning, a California-style breakfast burrito is a perfect pick for you. Place a tortilla wrap on the counter, add either chipotle or sriracha sauce, and load it with sliced avocado, scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, bacon or your choice of meat, and tomatoes. You can also make it vegan by replacing eggs, bacon, and cheese with plant-based alternatives.

Tex-Mex Breakfast Burrito

If you have leftover or boiled potatoes and beans in the refrigerator, it will not take you more than 20 minutes to make Tex-Mex burritos and enjoy a hearty breakfast. Its filling includes chorizo sausage, scrambled eggs, beans, mashed potatoes, and cheese. You can top the filling with salsa and sour cream. It will help to keep everything in place when you bite into the wrap.

Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito

If you like dairy and plant-based food items, you can prepare a vegetarian breakfast burrito. You will need tangy and spicy sauces for the spread and to bind the ingredients. Load the tortilla wrap with paneer bhurji, and sauteed vegetables, including bell peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, corn, and onions. Add pickled cabbage and carrots on the top and drizzle some homemade salsa and cheese to enjoy.

Greek Breakfast Burrito

Since breakfast burritos can be made in a variety of ways, you can explore options in Greek style. You will need Greek yoghurt and tzatziki sauce to add flavour to the meal. In a bowl, mix crumbled feta cheese, diced tomatoes, spinach, sliced black olives, and scrambled eggs. Arrange the mix on a tortilla wrap and top it with yoghurt and sauces. Each bite will be a burst of flavour in the mouth.

Classic Breakfast Burrito

If you do not want to go through the hassle of buying expensive and exotic sauces and meat, you can stick to the classic recipe of breakfast burrito. It requires minimum hassles and can be prepared in under 20 minutes. Load your tortilla wraps with crispy bacon or sausage, scrambled eggs, diced potatoes, and shredded cheese. You can top it all with homemade salsa or a sauce of your choice, and enjoy a delicious wrap. 

Southwestern Breakfast Burrito

Southwestern breakfast burritos are close cousins of Tex-Mex wraps but they are spicier. If you like green chillies then this is the perfect option for you. Spread a tortilla wrap on the countertop and start adding scrambled eggs, black beans, chopped green chillies, chopped coriander leaves or cilantro and cheese. Add salsa and sliced avocado on the top, and sprinkle a pinch of red chilli powder. It pairs well with a glass of fresh juice to even out the spiciness.