6 Benefits Of Brass Utensils: What Makes It Good For Cooking

Nowadays, most people are very keen on leading a healthy lifestyle. From exercising regularly to keeping an eye on our calorie intake, we put a lot of effort into staying fit and healthy. Even while cooking, we make sure to add as much nutrition as we can. For example, we prefer jaggery instead of sugar and cook with less oil. But did you know that, apart from the ingredients, the cookware also plays a vital role in adding nutrition to your dish?

The kind of vessel you are cooking in has a direct impact on your health. When food is cooked with the right utensil, it increases the nutrient quotient of the dish. Some of the best cookware available in India is made of copper, bronze, clay, and brass. Speaking particularly about brass, it is mostly used to store water. But very few people know that this metal also provides a lot of benefits when used as cookware and eating utensils.

Here are some benefits of using brass utensils for cooking: 

Boosts Immunity

As brass is an alloy of zinc, it is very high in this mineral. According to Healthline, zinc is beneficial for reducing inflammation, speeding wound healing, stimulating cell growth, and boosting immunity. It may also aid metabolism. So, if you have a zinc deficiency, then you might want to start cooking with brass utensils along with external treatments. 

Promotes Weight Loss

As we know, copper is a big component of brass, and it also provides many health benefits along with weight loss. According to Healthshots, the compounds of copper present in the metal contribute to weight loss and reduce obesity. Brass is also beneficial for eyes as well as skin health, and if you face difficulty managing blood pressure levels, then replace your regular cookware with brass utensils and see the difference. 

Prevents Infections

According to Healthshots, brass helps protect food against harmful bacteria and disease-causing microorganisms, which reduces the risk of infection. Just make sure to cover cooked food properly with a lid. Brass vessels also keep food warm for a longer period of time as compared to other utensils.  

Good For Digestion 

Brass is an incredible cooking material for people with digestive issues. According to Healthshots, this metal has acid-reduction properties that help combat several digestive problems like gas, constipation, and acidity. It cleans our stomach, helps absorb nutrients, and promotes gut health.  

Keeps Your Body Cool

Nowadays, many utensils on the market are sold with the claim that they can naturally keep the water cool for a long period of time, but that also brings a lot of side effects. So, it is better to use trusted ones, such as brass. For years, this metal has been used to keep the water cold without any side effects, and drinking water from brass containers in turn keeps your body cool. 

Treats Asthma

According to Healthshots, brass utensils are helpful in the treatment of many respiratory diseases, like asthma. Apart from consuming food cooked with brass utensils, you can use containers to store your drinking water if you are asthmatic. Just make sure to clean the water container regularly, as not doing so will increase your problems. 


Brass is an ideal metal for all kinds of cooking, such as sautéing, boiling, and storing milk and water, but be careful with deep frying as most of the oils have a high smoking point, which may affect the tin lining and react to various food items such as salt and acidic ingredients. 

Make sure to recoat the brass utensils at least once every six months to protect the vessel from corrosion and maintain the taste of food.