5 Yummy Chicken Pizzas To Savour At Home

What comes to your mind when you think of a thin bread covered with a layer of tomato sauce and topped with veggies, meat and loads of chicken? Pizza, isn’t it? Right from the old-school firewood pizza to the one with cheese oozing out of it, there are some classic pizzas with a huge fanbase. And chicken pizza is one of them. Is there anything better than succulent and scrumptious chicken toppings? If you too can’t say no to a chicken pizza, why don’t you make it at home?

If you think making pizza at home could be challenging, you need to try Glen’s Electric Pizza Grill and Crepe Maker. This electric pizza maker can provide you with freshly made pizzas which are cooked to perfection. It helps you in making a 10 inches large pizza. Besides, the electric pizza grill from Glen has separate switches for upper and lower heating plates and has 180-degree opening which provides more space. It has heavy-duty non-stick plates to keep the food healthy and cool touch handle for safety.

Let us take you through 5 scrumptious chicken pizzas that you can make at home using this versatile electric pizza grill from Glen:

Video credits: Bhargain Ka Chef/YouTube

Butter Chicken Pizza

Yes, you read that right. Butter chicken is not a food but an emotion of some people. Chicken cooked in creamy tomato-based gravy hits the spot right. But how to make a butter chicken pizza? All you need to do is layer the butter chicken gravy in the place of sauce and top it with the chicken pieces. Believe me, once you taste this pizza, you will forget how other flavours were like.

Old-School Chicken Pizza

If you are looking for the easiest chicken pizza to make, you just need tomato sauce, some chicken pieces, some spices and a pizza base. Simply, layer the ingredients one after another and bake it. And making it in glen’s electric pizza grill is even easier. Click here to buy.

Tandoori Chicken Pizza

Do you also love tandoori chicken and pizza at the same time? Why don’t you transform it into a succulent pizza? Tandoori chicken pizza has pizza's cheesiness with tandoori chicken's spiciness and some extra veggies. Ever tried this pizza before?

Barbeque Chicken Pizza

Barbeque chicken pizza is quite popular. With the goodness of juicy chicken, barbeque sauce and loads of cheese, this chicken pizza could be perfect for your impromptu brunches and get-togethers. This pizza can never disappoint you, trust me!

Chicken Kebab Pizza

Kebabs have a richer taste and an even richer history. With juicy chicken pieces, fresh veggies, kebab sauce and good amount of cheese, this restaurant-style pizza could be easily made using Glen’s electric pizza grill.

Since now you know about yummy chicken pizzas, you must get your hands on the super versatile and user-friendly electric pizza grill from Glen. One you try this appliance, there is no looking back! Click here to buy!