Love Breads? Know About The Different Bread Varieties

It's great how bread fits in our lifestyle so easily. On those lazy days, you can grab some bread slices and transform them into a wholesome meal without cooking. Bread is quite popular and has been a part of culinary practices in many cultures for so many years. It is affordable, easily available and is like white canvas, you can paint anything you want. From sweet to savoury, there is one bread for every palate. But making bread has always been difficult, isn’t it?

You know what? Bread making has now become much easier because of Glen’s versatile bread maker. Glen’s Automatic Bread Maker is not just for making bread but also for kneading flour. It comes with 12 different settings for making different breads. It is completely automatic and provides kneading as well as baking functions. It comes up with choices of 3 crust settings for the perfect custom bread. Besides, it keeps bread warm for upto 1 hour and has a warranty of 2 years. How great is it!!

Since Glen’s fully automatic bread maker has made the bread making experience much easier for us, let us know about 6 different types of bread. Here you go!


Made with three basic ingredients I.e., flour, water and salt, this popular bread variety doesn’t need any extra leavening agents. With the help of wild yeast and bacteria in the flour, this bread goes under natural fermentation and has a chewy texture. Wanna make it at home? Click Here To Buy Glen’s Bread Maker.


A popular gem from the French cuisine, Baguette has a long and slender shape unlike many other breads. Made with basic lean dough, this bread could be easily spotted in the bakeries and goes well with butter or jam on the top.

Rye Bread

As its name suggests, this bread variety is made up of rye flour and is dark in colour. Considered more nutritious than other bread varieties, rye bread is denser and known for its earthy flavour. It is power packed with fiber.


Crispy from outside and fluffy from inside, focaccia is a popular Italian bread. This bread has a crispy texture from the outside while the inside is fluffy and soft. When flavoured with herbs along with sun-dried tomatoes, olives, garlic, cheese, rosemary etc., it becomes a delicious and appetizing side dish.


This bread is sweet unlike its other counterparts and is made up of eggs and butter. It has a super soft texture and is considered ideal for making French toast, bread puddings etc. Have you ever tried this bread?


This rustic Italian bread is somewhat in a shape of a slipper. Made up of wheat flour, yeast, salt, olive oil and water, this bread has large irregular holes which helps in seeping the flavours from scrumptious toppings.

Since you know about different types of breads now, it is totally fair to make one of these breads at home. And when you have a fully automatic and user-friendly bread maker from Glen, what else do you want? Click here to buy!!