5 Types Of Jam To Add Some Sweetness To Your Meals
Image Credit: Pexels

Jams are the ingredients that can add some sweet notes to your toast and also grace many desserts. While you might be using the classic strawberry jam in dairy practice, there are a lot more types of jams that are easy to make and have the potential to add some sweetness to your usual meals.

If you or your kids like a layer of jam on your morning bread or as a fruity filling in your desserts, you must go beyond and explore these jams. Not only will they be something sweet, but they will also add fruity goodness to your meals. So, to add your daily jam collection read on and explore many more flavours to never run out of options.

The Classic Strawberry

Strawberry jam just pops in everyone’s head whenever they hear the word “jam”. To make it at home, you’ll need some fresh strawberries and some lemon juice. After adding the lemon juice to the blended strawberry puree, you can cook it with some powdered sugar till the mixture thickens. When you see a jam-like consistency, let it cool and store it in air-tight containers.

Raspberry Jam

Another berry that makes a great jar of jam is the sweet and sour raspberry jam. You can make this drool-worthy jam by taking fresh raspberries and mashing them with some lemon juice. Then, let the ingredients simmer on low heat with powdered sugar till the jam turns thick and a bit dark red colour.

Mango Jam

The bright yellow-coloured jam is another go-to jam for a lot of people. With some ripe mangoes in the summer, you can make this jam in a similar manner with powdered sugar and some lemon juice. You can pair your freshly prepared mango jam with crunchy toast and scones and even as a dressing for desserts like cakes, waffles, pancakes, and many more.

Fig Jam

The naturally sweet figs are a great ingredient for making fruit jams at home. By blending together chopped figs, lemon juice, and sugar, you’ll get a thick puree. Then, slow cook the puree till it makes your kitchen fragrant and has a thick consistency. Fig jams can be enjoyed with cheese platters or when you want to whip up a quick crunchy sandwich.

Blueberry Jam

The tarty, purple-coloured blueberry jam can be made with some fresh blueberries, a squeeze of lemon juice, and sugar. Not only will you enjoy the jam’s zesty flavour, but you can also benefit from the blueberry’s antioxidant content. With your homemade blueberry jam, you’d no longer have to rely on store-bought blueberry fillings for desserts like cheesecake, pancake, parfaits, and many more.