Transform Your Regular Coffee Into A Weight Loss Friendly Drink

Drinking coffee is a morning ritual for people. If you are a coffee lover, you know how essential it is to have coffee to kickstart the day and face the world. But could you ever think that your morning coffee can help you in your weight loss journey too? Yes, we know about the hidden calories in milk and sugar but by following 5 simple tips, you can transform your morning coffee into a healthy weight-loss friendly drink. Have a look: 

Video credits: Dr Shikha Singh/YouTube

Here are 5 simple tips to make your coffee, a super weight-loss friendly drink! 

Sip Black Coffee 

The easiest tip to make your morning coffee is ideal for weight loss, just don’t add any milk, cream or sugar. Black coffee is naturally low in calories and can also boost metabolism. Instead of calorie and sugar loaded beverages, try black coffee in the morning. 

Limit The Usage Of Sugar 

In order to make your coffee suitable for weight loss diet, avoid sugar. And if you can’t have your coffee without any sweeteners, you can have stevia or monk sweetener rather than going for refined sugar. 

Avoid Cream 

Coffee tastes best with cream and we know this. But to lose weight quickly, one must avoid the consumption of cream. To make your coffee ideal for weight loss, avoid the usage of high-calorie coffee creamers. Instead of heavy cream, you can add low-fat milk or can also go for plant-based options like oats milk or almond milk.  

Add A Hint Of Cinnamon 

We all know how magical some spices are. Right from weight loss to overall health, these spices can work like magic when used in the right form. To make your morning coffee even healthier, just add a hint of cinnamon powder. This will not just increase the nutritional value of the coffee but will also enhance its taste. 

Try Using MCT Oil 

MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) is fat that can quickly be converted into energy and could increase the fat burning process. To make your coffee weight-loss friendly and much healthier than your regular coffee, try adding a small amount of MCT oil to your coffee.