Turkish Coffee: A Coffee That Predicts Future

For many of us, it is a ritual to have a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. It not just wakes us up but gives us the strength to face the world. Coffee sets the mood right. You may know about several coffees, but do you know about coffee that can predict the future? Yes, you got it right. It is Turkish coffee. For those who don’t know, thick ground left on the cup’s bottom can determine the future. Let us know more about it. 

Coffee has been a prominent cultural heritage of Turkey. If some legends are to be believed, coffee first came to the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century and was introduced to Sultan Suleiman I. In no time, coffee became an inseparable part of culture and life. Some legends claim that the Sultan loved Turkish coffee so much that his harem members were taught to brew it.  By the mid-1550s, Turkish coffee was no longer restricted to the upper classes and became a common delight in all households.  

Traditionally, Turkish coffee is brewed in a pot called a cezve. After fine coffee grinds and water are added to the pot, the pot is placed and rubbed in the hot sand. This movement creates heat and foam emerges at the top in like seconds. Later, it is enjoyed in small cups and enjoyed to the fullest. Turkish coffee is always served with water as the guests, first cleanse their palate and then, taste the coffee. The guests also use water to rinse off the coffee residues from their mouths. Let us tell you an interesting fact. Turkish coffee is generally served to the eldest guest first, out of respect. Besides, the guests are not expected to drink more than one cup of coffee because of its density, as per some food experts.  

                                   Image: Coffee residue in the cup 

But how does this coffee predict the future? It is not the entire coffee, but the thick ground left on the cup’s bottom. This practice is known as tasseography, which finds symbols or pictures in the leftover coffee and predicts what’s going to happen in the future. So, next time you are worried about your future, give Turkish coffee a try. Not just will it predict your future but it will give you a comfortable and soothing coffee-drinking experience.