5 South Indian Non-Veg Appetisers You Can’t Miss

If you think South Indian cuisine is just famous for its delectable breakfast and lunch options, you might be wrong. Because the region’s culinary landscape is also blessed with an array of yummy non-veg dishes that are absolutely drool-worthy and flavourful. So, to take you on a tour of South India to explore its non-veg dishes, we have curated a list of non-veg appetisers that you can try.

1. Kerala Karimeen Fry

Kerala cuisine is surely filled with delicious seafood that is all things versatile and flavourful. One such seafood is karimeen or pearl-spotted fish. This Kerala Karimeen Fry is made by frying marinated fish on low flame till the fish pieces are perfectly cooked and crispy.

While mentioning South Indian non-veg dishes, can we even miss mentioning chicken 65. The spicy and delicious dish has been a favourite appetiser in India for ages now. Believed to have gotten its name for the use of 65 chilli peppers that go into the preparation of the dish, Chicken 65 is all things delicious and lip-smacking.

3. Mutton Kola Urundai

Are you a fan of mutton keema? If so, you must try this mutton keema-based dish from South India. Mutton keema is first mixed with a variety of spices and then made into medium-sized balls to be deep-fried to perfection. The dish has delectable tropical flavours that are attributed to the addition of curry leaves and coconut to the mutton keema mixture.  

4. Kane Rava Fry

Needless to mention, South India is blessed with an abundance of seafood due to its topographical specifications. And fish is one of these delicious seafoods that get incorporated into a variety of dishes throughout the region. Most South Indians swear by this fish recipe. The fish is first coated with semolina or rava and then deep-fried till it’s crispy and perfectly cooked. It is usually served with onion rings and any condiment on the side.

5. Sukha Mutton Vindaloo

We all know and are a fan of Pork Vindaloo but do you know that Sukka Mutton Vindaloo is just as irresistibly delicious as the former? Tender mutton pieces are marinated with spices and are fried till they are cooked to perfection. The succulent mutton pieces smothered in spices are enough to make you keep asking for more.