Love Scrambled Eggs For Breakfast? Try These 5 Recipes
Image Credit: Scrambled Eggs

The goodness of the egg surely lies in the protein that it provides us with. The breakfast table in many households is incomplete without a portion of eggs. It could be an omelette, poached eggs, or even the scrambled ones. Scrambled, as the name suggests, are eggs that are mishmashed and turned into a creamy breakfast delight.

Later, they can be topped on toast or packed inside a fajita or quesadilla or you could even make a breakfast bruschetta with it. However, it is not just the pairing that can differ. The flavour of scrambled eggs can also be spruced up by adding cheese, sauces, and other condiments. Here are a few interesting ways to amp up your scrambled eggs for breakfast.  

1.   Old English Scrambled Eggs

For the classic egg lovers, the English style of making scrambled eggs can never get old. The eggs are scrambled along with full fat milk and olive oil. To this, add some salt and black pepper, and we doubt you’d have to look for another breakfast option after trying this. It is super creamy and fluffy and melts in your mouth completely.  

 2.  Mexican Scrambled Eggs  

While for many scrambled eggs as the creamy and fluffy treat, the Mexicans flavours add a punch to the taste of these eggs. Chop bell peppers and onions. Throw in the scrambled eggs and combine well with salsa and cheddar. This will make your scrambled eggs a tad bit spicy but super delicious. Pair them with toast and enjoy. 

3.  Kerala-Style Scrambled Eggs  

Want to add a desi touch to your breakfast eggs? This recipe is for you then. The eggs are scrambled with milk. However, it is the addition of shallots, tomatoes, coriander leaves, and green chilli that amps it up. In fact, to give it a South Indian touch, mustard seeds and curry leaves are also added to the eggs and scrambled well.

4.  Spinach Scrambled Eggs

The spinach leaves are blanched and kept aside. Meanwhile, the eggs are scrambled and mashed well. Add to this some milk and other flavouring agents like salt and pepper, etc. Toss in the spinach leaves and give your eggs an extra dose of nutrition. Mix it well until the leaves turn soft and mushy. Serve hot with some toast.

5.   Southwest Scrambled Eggs

This is a creamy yet filling recipe that loads up on veggies along with the eggs. While eggs are a great source of protein, the scramble is filled with black beans, green onions, and tomatoes. Mixed with taco sauce, milk and butter, the eggs are all things delicious. These eggs are scrambled well and lend a creamy touch to the dish, which can be stuffed in sandwiches.